Masterchef changed her life forever: today Simonetta has realized her dream!

Simonetta was one of the competitors of the seventh edition of Masterchef: after the program she changed life forever.

Who is a lover of Masterchef and he has followed all his editions assiduously, he cannot forget her at all: Simonetta Piccardo, competitor of the seventh season of the talent. The 47-year-old Genoese had immediately caught the attention of the four judges not only for her sweet smile, but also for her shameless passion for cooking.

Simonetta. Credits: Youtube

Unlike Simone Scipioni, who managed to win the victory, Simonetta was among the first to be eliminated at Masterchef 7. After a rather complicated test, the very sweet forty-seven-year-old had to abandon the kitchens of the program forever, seeing fade in front of himself the opportunity to publish his first recipes. What happened, however, once the talent ended? Did Simonetta manage to make her big dream come true today?

As we did with Ludovica, about whom we discovered a sensational news after Masterchef, we could not help but go in search of Simonetta and discover how her life has changed today after the program. By taking a look at her channel, we learned that her talent has greatly changed her life. To date, in fact, it would seem that Simonetta has managed to realize a great dream.

After Masterchef Simonetta realized her dream: what she does today

With his smile, Simonetta has been able to conquer all four judges of Masterchef, but also his cuisine has by no means gone unnoticed before the eyes of experts. With four candies, that is fresh pasta filled with cod and potatoes with cherry tomatoes, olives and pine nuts, Piccardo managed to have the apron for the next phase of the selections and, immediately after, the ok to become one of the official competitors of the seventh edition of the talent. Unfortunately, as we said, her path did not last very long: Simonetta was eliminated from the program after a few episodes. Despite this, however, it can be said that the sweet Piccardo has equally managed to enter everyone’s heart.

What happened to Simonetta after Masterchef? As we said a little while ago, we managed to track down Piccardo on Instagram and we discovered that, to date, her life has greatly changed. At the time of her participation, Simonetta was unemployed, but today it would seem that she has managed to fulfill her dream: working in the world of cooking and ‘exploiting’ her passion. According to what we learn from her bio about her Instagram, in fact, it would seem that today the ex of Masterchef carries out the profession of chef at home and that she is also an established food blogger. How did you become you today? Look at it here, it’s always a blast:

masterchef simonetta
Simonetta today. Credits: Instagram

Were you also cheering for Simonetta at Masterchef?