MasterChef, Francesca leaves: ‘Fight against fear and make your dreams come true’

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The fifth appointment with MasterChef Italia (THE SPECIAL), after the sensational triple elimination of last week, sees leave the scene Frances Filippone, owner of a consultancy company on Italian food and wine products in Asia. Ai live cooking his dish Taijou me sou (shrimp cooked in soy and vinegar, cashew nut mousse and seared shrimp on cream and lemon mousse), had opened the doors of the MasterChef kitchen to her, yesterday evening she crossed those same doors to say goodbye to the competition at the end of a very tight Pressure Test. All the fault of a raw crêpe and a disassembled eggnog, according to Bruno Barbieri. The second chance at this point of the competition does not come and with her voice broken by her tears, Francesca greets her travel companions and thanks the judges with these words: “Fight against fear because it’s what allowed me to make my dreams come true“. We interviewed her to get to know her better, here’s what she told us online from home via Zoom.

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the interview with francesca

How did the idea of ​​participating in MasterChef come about?
The kitchen has always brought me good things, especially when I lived abroad for years, the idea of ​​enrolling in MasterChef was also born from the sadness of the war and the desire to do something that would bring joy. I learned so much, for example what life is like in the kitchen and cooking for so many people, cooking is my happiness.

In the Masterclass who did you have the greatest affinity with?
With Silvia, Bubu, Edoardo, Letizia, Francescone, Giusepper and Olliver, I have grown very fond of many people, and I am convinced that we will continue to see and get to know each other even outside the show. MasterChef gets inside you, and this intensity can create deep relationships.

Which judge did you bond with the most and what did you take from each?

I feel greater affinity with Bruno Barbieri, behind the severe air there is an extreme sensitivity, I saw myself again in him and I rediscovered a certain experience of insecurity linked to the family, I felt I was understood, he trusted me. From Giorgio Locatelli I took precision, in the way of cooking it is orderly and graceful, from Antonino Cannavacciuolo I made my taste for good food my own. All three have been important teachers for me.

Who are you rooting for?

For Bubu, Silvia and Edoardo.

What proof are you most proud of?

Definitely the one at the entrance, being told that your bisque is the best ever tasted in life by a starred chef like Barbieri is a rare occurrence and filled me with happiness. I was also very satisfied with the chocolate test, I was able to make my partner Leopoldo’s favorite dessert.

Future plans?

There are many, opening a small restaurant that we are building in Tuscany where we have a family cellar, and being able to give the opportunity to study a profession in the food and beverage sector. Making a product known means making a product loved, and it’s the goal I’ve always wanted to achieve with my company. In Italy we have a big gap between theory and practice, I hope to be able to bridge it in this way.

The message you would like to give through MasterChef?
Study and courage make you achieve what you want, I’m saying that I come from a humble family and I made myself, without any push. The rule always applies that working and studying takes you where you want to go, and failures are also needed. I hope young people learn to believe that dreams come true like this.