Mastodon, an alternative for those fleeing Twitter? Things

The escape from the creature currently in Musk’s hands towards new social networks has already begun.

Twitter has notified employees that the company’s offices will be temporarily closed, effective immediately. And the hashtag #Riptwitter flies on the social platform with the hypothesis that the social network will be shut down in a week. The search for alternatives becomes more important and the escape to new social networks has already begun. May be Mastodon an alternative that. according to CNN, it stands out among the favorite destinations. Born in 2016, Metadon has apparently experienced significant growth in recent weeks. His identikit, moreover, is precisely reminiscent of that of the creature currently in Musk’s hands: the posts are ordered in a time-line that is updated on a chronological basis, without the decisive influence of various algorithms. No subscriptions, no amount to pay, no advertising for the social network attributable to the ‘creator’ Eugen Rochko and supported by a crowdfunding mechanism.

In the Italian version, “Mastodon describes itself as the largest free, open-source and decentralized microblogging network in the world. In simpler terms, it is a Twitter self-managed by the users themselves”.

Mastodon calls itself “the largest decentralized social network. It is part of the fediverse, an international community made up of over 5 million subscribers distributed over about 12,000 independent servers whose goal is to put social media back in the hands of users. Unlike traditional social networks, it is open source, does not collect subscriber data, has no advertising or secret algorithms that decide what you should see”.

The ‘skeleton’ of operations resembles that of Twitter and, in a sense, facilitates the transition. The tweet about Mastodon is a toot, measuring 500 characters at most. Retweeting is a boost.

On Mastodon’ each instance has its own admin and code of conduct, so be sure to read them before toot. For example, has this in its code of conduct. The following types of content will be removed from public history, and may result in the suspension of the account and the revocation of access to the service: Racism; Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities; Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism”. The ‘toot’ rules also cover privacy. Each message, among other options, can be set as “public, meaning it will appear on local and federated timelines”. Alternatively, it can be targeted for “followers only, meaning only your followers will see it”.

How do you ‘use’ Mastodon? There is not a single application but several, suitable for almost all desktop and mobile operating systems. The social network can also be used with a web client: the official site of Mastodon specifically mentions Halcyon and