Mastrangelo: “With more sports, less healthcare costs, leftists don’t misrepresent”

The former volleyball player, head of the League’s Sports department and candidate for the House, criticized for his statements to ‘Radio Capital’

“I note with bitterness that from the left, those who do not know in the least what the concrete life of people is, have already struggled to reply to my words: I want to clarify that my idea, and that of the League, is based on a fundamental concept, that is, that an adequate and calibrated investment in sport today also produces savings in health care tomorrow. Sport is physical and mental wellbeing: sport is life, this is the message we must give to young people, not the squalid polemics of an election campaign ” . So Luigi Mastrangelohead of the Sports department of the League and candidate for the House, after the reactions and criticisms to his statements today.

Speaking to Radio Capital this morning, the former volleyball player had said: “We need to invest more in sport, starting from grassroots sport, from the most disadvantaged areas. Maybe take away a little, a little something from health care. We are all good at saying that sport is health, which is good for many diseases, then let’s go and see who practices and the percentage drops a lot. If it is true, as we have always said, that sport is good for us, it makes us feel better – added Mastrangelo – because we must need to take medicine, if we can feel good simply by doing sports. We do not take everything away from health care, on the contrary, but a little something to devote to sport, since very little is always allocated in sport, and in health care a lot. Not exaggeratedly much, a small crumb to devote to sport “.

“It is incredible to see proposals to reduce resources for health – wrote the Minister of Health in a tweet, Roberto Speranza – In the last three years we have finally started investing again by increasing the health fund by 10 billion and allocating 20 with the NRP. It would be crazy to go back. We will not allow it. “