Matrix Resurrections, the first reactions from the international press are enthusiastic

The international press is welcoming the first reactions related to Matrix Resurrections, the highly anticipated new chapter of the saga led by Neo which will be released in American theaters on December 22nd (in Italy it will have to wait until January 1st 2022).

The first hot comments from international journalists who were able to enjoy a preview of the new film (this time directed only by Lana Wachowski) in which Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return to wear their iconic clothes (total black), are mostly positive. And mostly very positive!

The prevailing feeling is that of a strong enthusiasm. “If you’ve loved The Matrix and hated the sequels (or just found them unsatisfactory), go see this. Have fun “writes theHollywood Reporter, for instance.

And Brian Davids, also a signature of the magazine considered one of the Bibles of Hollywood-branded entertainment, writes on his social networks: “Matrix Resurrections is one of the most inspiring blockbusters ever made as it grapples with the legacy of the real world ”.

Among the strengths of the film that emerge in the reactions of the international press, the meta-narrative signed by Lana Wachowski and also the palpable chemistry between the two protagonists, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, are at the top.

This fourth chapter of the science fiction epic comes almost eighteen years after the third film (released in the now distant 2003).
In addition to the newspapers on which the comments of journalists flock, it is also the social networks that welcome many and succulent ones (often taken from the article in question to which they are linked).

Among the most popular social comment aggregators with regards to hot reactions, the honorable mention goes to Twitter as always.
Just on this social network in the last few hours many messages about the film have been blooming.

Here are some post-viewing reactions, welcomed by the most important newspapers around the world.

For those who do not want to risk deluding themselves or, on the contrary, entering the cinema biased, do not read the following because sometimes the comments of others are worse than spoilers.

Enthusiastic criticism

“They are the ideas in The Matrix Resurrections, much more than the action, which keep us glued to our place for over two hours ”, writes the San Francisco Chronicle underlining how this film is not the usual action movie all shots, jumps and special effects but that has (also, because in any case the shots, jumps and special effects are there and how) so much content to propose. To write it is Mick LaSalle, film critic of the newspaper.

The Matrix Resurrections it may not have the shocking originality of its 1999 predecessor, but it manages to trace a surprising and divergent path, both philosophically and cinematically “, these are the words of Angelica Jade Bastien of the US magazine Vulture.

“Wachowski took the familiar and modified it in such a way that it looked new. It’s a brilliant act of transformation, ”writes Soren Andersen on The Seattle Times.

“Reeves and Moss offer their reunion as Neo and Trinity in a persuasive way, glowing with the overwhelming chemistry and affection that Wachowski needed to push the film beyond cynicism” is what David Sims claims in his review of the film in the magazine. The Atlantic.

The relationship between the two protagonists seems to be among the things they like most about the film, according to the hot comments of international journalists.

Resurrections eclipses its predecessors for a full, heart-kicking romance: Reeves and Moss, comfortable with silences, lean on an adult intimacy, so rare in blockbusters, that is more thrilling than any leap from the roof (even though those are great too). Their bike in an exploding city, one clutching the other, could be the most provocatively sexy scene of the year, ”enthuses Joshua Rothkopf of Entertainment Weekly.

Very nice the words of Clarisse Loughrey came out on The Independent: “The fourth film Matrix offers a volcanic mix of ideas with ambition – and remember that long black coats and little sunglasses are very cool indeed ”.

Those come out on too The Hollywood Reporter: “If you loved The Matrix and hated the sequels (or you just found them unsatisfactory), go see this. Have fun. (But he wears a mask) ”.

Thumbs down

Mostly the criticisms are positive, however there is no shortage of thumbs down.

Resurrections suffers from an identity crisis, going from being extremely funny and aware to being strangely out. It’s a slippery mix, fun in bursts of scenes but a bit hollow in the end, ”writes Alex Godfrey of Empire.

“The new film is brilliant but considerably less ambitious than the two previous sequels” is instead the opinion of Peter Debruge of Variety.

“The new Matrix tries to reprogram a beloved piece of cinema. However, some fixes are missing from a full update, ”says Brian Truitt in his review published in USA Today.

“The second half is just a slavish rehash of all tropes best known of the series. Unlike Alice in Wonderland, crossing this mirror, we could simply end up being less and less curious “, so Tim Robey casts it in his branded review The Telegraph.

Our advice is not to be too influenced by the comments of others and wait to see with your own eyes this new chapter of the most cult sci-fi saga in the history of the big screen.

By now it is very short to be able to enjoy it at the cinema, so it is good to enter the theater without being influenced by either positive or negative criticisms.

On January 1, 2022, we could greet the new year with the in-room vision of Matrix Resurrections. Definitely an important title, the one that was needed to start a great 2022 that we hope will bring us often, willingly and safely to the cinema!