Mattarella bis: from Letta to Salvini, the political reactions to the president’s speech

From the Pd secretary to that of the League, passing through Conte, Renzi and Meloni. This is how the political leaders commented on the words of the President of the Republic on the day of the oath and the inauguration of the Quirinale

In addition to the 55 applause that accompanied Sergio Mattarella’s speech on the occasion of the swearing in to the Chamber for his re-election as head of state, there were many reactions from politics and civil society (THE SPECIAL – THE PHOTOS – LIVE UPDATES). “In this common challenge – declared the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellati – you will certainly be able to count on the commitment of all the republican institutions, starting with parliament, which is the beating heart of democracy, and which together with the Government is ready to face with determination and confidence the challenge of recovering from the pandemic emergency “.

Letta (Pd): “Speech on dignity”

Among the most enthusiastic, as was to be expected, the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party. Secretary Enrico Letta via Twitter spoke of the “dignity speech” of the head of state, pointing out that the most important sentence was: “Inequalities are not the price to pay for growth. They are the brake on real growth. “The deputy Stefano Ceccanti, also via social media, compared the moment as a” bridge between society and institutions in the legacy of Aldo Moro “. A tweet was also posted from the profile of the Democratic Party: “Thank you President Mattarella for having chosen with responsibility to put yourself back at the service of the Italians. We are ready to work together on the great challenges of the country and to respond to the expectations of citizens and citizens. Good work.

Conte (M5s): “The words of the president a compass for a just society”

Giuseppe Conte, the M5S leader, also praised Mattarella’s statements: “His words on young people, on the fight against precariousness and protection of the environment represent the compass for continuing to build a more just, more inclusive and fairer society” . Conte wanted to express “great appreciation for a speech shaped by sincere realism and the desire to reassure a country that wants to get out of uncertainty and concern”. sense of the State and its unwavering devotion to the institutions and the common good “. The other leader of the Movement, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, spoke of the president’s” dignity, commitment, civil passion “, hoping to continue to “To build, for a country that deserves the maximum political and institutional effort”.

Salvini (Lega): “I applauded convinced from home”

The leader Matteo Salvini, who tested positive at Covid in the screening for access to the oath and was unable to attend the ceremony, defined “a beautiful speech by the re-elected president Mattarella”. He then added: “Even I, although stuck in the house, I applauded with conviction, the speech in general and some passages (such as those on the need for a profound reform of justice) in particular. Well, since for days politicians and journalists have criticized and attacked me for the work done in the past week, today I can say that I am proud and happy to have offered my contribution, like others, for the reappointment of President Mattarella ” .

Tajani (Forza Italia): “Thanks Mattarella, now reforms to rebuild”

“The Head of State made an impeccable speech, which strengthens us in the belief that we have acted well by first asking for the reappointment of President Mattarella”. This is the comment of the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi. The national coordinator of the Azzurri, Antonio Tajani, first wanted to thank Mattarella, then said that the Azzurri “appreciated his words on the centrality of Parliament and on the democratic function of parties, on the role that the judiciary and CSM should have. reforms to rebuild Italy, claiming our centrality in the EU “. Renato Brunetta, Minister for Public Administration, underlined that the head of state “has clearly indicated the course: to build a more European, more united, more just Italy. An Italy whose political agenda is defined by the Next Generation Eu and from its national declination, the NRP. An Italy that can and must be strengthened to guide the process to relaunch Europe and make the turning point made in response to the pandemic structural “.

Meloni (FdI): battle to be last elected by the Palazzo

The position of the secretary of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, is more critical: “We did not vote for Sergio Mattarella and we do not agree with the choice, but we always respect the institutions of the Republic. We will continue to fight for him to be the last president elected by the Palace. It is time for the people to choose the highest office of the state. “The opposition leader, however, said she” shared several passages “of the president’s speech, starting with the” call to attention against inequalities, for young people and women , for safety at work. The most convincing passages were those on the currents of the CSM and the blow to Draghi for the lack of rights to Parliament and the opposition, he did not say it but I interpret it like this, and when he says that dignity means fighting the trafficking of human beings. I consider it to be in significant discontinuity with the previous president “.

Renzi: “Great speech on justice”

The leader of Italia Viva congratulated the president on his social channels: “Great speech by President Mattarella, especially on justice. Long live Italy”. The president of the deputies of the deputies of IV, Maria Elena Boschi, wrote on Twitter: “‘We, together, responsible for the future of our Republic’. Still a sure guide for Italy. Thank you President Mattarella, good work”.

Fornaro (LeU): great speech in the name of country unity

Appreciation also from the Free and Equal front. The group leader in the Chamber, Federico Fornaro, said that the head of state “has indicated the high road to exit the health, economic and social emergency in the name of national cohesion”, while the group leader of the Senate, Loredana De Petris , he wanted to underline “a very high speech, of enormous depth, which demonstrates how wise and far-sighted the parliament has been in identifying in full autonomy his re-election as the best solution for the good of the country”.

Sassoli’s family: “We are moved by the words of sincere affection”

Alessandra Vittorini, widow of David Sassoli, wanted to thank the president on behalf of the family: “We are moved by the words of sincere affection pronounced by the President of the Republic towards David in the Italian Parliament. In President Mattarella’s speech we recognize the same vision and the same sentiment of David and of all the citizens who believed with him and believe in the hope of a better and more just world. Thank you President “.