Mattarella celebrates the unification of Italy

“Constitution of reference for peace, freedom and human rights”

“The Republic, in countless trials and, most recently, during the pandemic, has confirmed feelings of unity and cohesion by clinging to constitutional values. The same ones that, inspiring our society, guarantee the moral resources necessary to face the complex challenges that the contemporary world puts us ahead. The Constitution, the Italian anthem and the flag are the references that guide us in the common commitment to consolidate an Italy founded on peace, freedom and human rights”. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in a passage of his declaration on the occasion of the 162nd anniversary of the Day of National Unity, of the Constitution, of the Anthem and of the Flag.

“Today Italy celebrates the Day of National Unity, the Constitution, the Anthem and the Flag, the solid foundations on which our community stands and from which it draws inspiration”. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni, in a message for the anniversary of March 17th.

“On 17 March 162 years ago – recalls the premier – the journey of Italy as a unitary state began and the wish of a young Genoese, visionary and rebel, like Goffredo Mameli, was fulfilled: to be able to see Italians no longer ‘trampled and mocked’ and ‘divided’, but collected in ‘a single flag’. March 17 is the most unifying national solemnity we have and during which we are called to remember the reasons for our being together”.

“Because, as Ernest Renan explained, the nation is a ‘great solidarity, a plebiscite which is renewed every day and which is based on the extent of the sacrifices made and those we are still willing to make’. This is the challenge we have ahead, is the commitment that we must honor every day: to knot the threads of what unites us and rediscover a community. Only in this way can we free the best energies of the nation and demonstrate that no destination is precluded to Italy, Happy March 17th everyone the Italians!”, he concludes.