Mattarella in L’Aquila for the Assembly of the Provinces: Pnrr “historic occasion”

The President of the Republic arrived this afternoon in Piazza del Teatro, applauded by about a hundred people. He was welcomed by the vice-president of the Regional Council Emanuele Imprudente, by the mayor of L’Aquila Pierluigi Biondi and by the president of the Province of L’Aquila Angelo Caruso. Mattarella: “Renew and strengthen the provincial institution to respond more effectively to the real needs of citizens”

L’Aquila today hosts the National Assembly of the Provinces of Italy. Also attending the event this afternoon was the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who, amidst the applause of the public present, arrived in Piazza del Teatro. “This Assembly – he said – is oriented towards renewing and strengthening the provincial institution to respond, more effectively, to the real needs of citizens; and to allow our communities to better face the challenges of this time”.

“Constitution requires implementation”

Upon his arrival, the Head of State was welcomed by the vice-president of the Regional Council Emanuele Imprudente, by the mayor of L’Aquila Pierluigi Biondi and by the president of the Province of L’Aquila Angelo Caruso, vice-president of the Upi. In his opening speech he spoke of the importance of renewing and strengthening the Provinces. “With the Republican Constitution – he stated -, the Provinces have become the map of a structured country, which respects the variety of territories and perceives institutional articulation as a value. This achievement is due to the solidity of the roots of the provinces in the life of Italy and the determination with which this role has been defended over time”. Then speaking about the Constitution he underlined how “the rules currently in force, which design the structures and areas of the Provinces “are linked” to an interrupted transition and also for this reason, regardless of the judgments on the merit of the path hypothesized at the time, judgments that I cannot express, create voids and uncertainties that cannot be prolonged, risking that citizens and communities pay the price for inadequate services , uncertain skills, gaps in guidance and coordination functions. The Constitution demands to be implemented.”

Open debate in the Senate

Addressing the Assembly he then added: “You have placed the perspective of a ‘new Province’ at the center of this assembly, with clearer identity and skills, with a propulsive role on some issues and, obviously, with the resulting resources and authority democratic to be able to exercise them to the fullest. Now this proposal is offered for discussion in the Senate, on the basis of bills presented by various groups and a unified text now being examined by the Constitutional Affairs commission. The plural political composition, and the responsibility municipality, of the Union of the Provinces of Italy can provide the Parliament with precious elements of experience and knowledge”.

Pnrr “test bed”

The Pnrr, Mattarella then explained, is “a historic opportunity for Italy, and it is also for Europe. Its full success is a common interest, which deserves all the commitment and solidarity that our society is capable.” But, he added, “the Pnrr is also a testing ground for the Provinces, called to be important implementers of many projects. The UPI has reported critical issues in payment processes and some serious technical issues relating to reporting platforms. These are issues that need to be examined carefully.”

Province-Nation Relationship

“The projects that concern you – said Mattarella, addressing the representatives of the Italian provinces – and which require involvement in the direction of the Provinces, have strategic value. The country will benefit greatly from their completion. The Constitution outlines an articulation of the Republic between the State , Regions, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities, Municipalities. Not a hierarchical system, but a multi-level government, inspired by the principles of democracy and subsidiarity. Where the foundations rest on equality in freedoms, rights, essential services, opportunities for citizens, whatever the territory where they live”. The Head of State accepted the request to increase the potential of the territories: “The cohesion of the country, its very civil unity, requires growth in the potential of all territories, including those in internal areas, mountain areas, small centers. I also interpret in this sense your request to assign to the Province, among its fundamental functions, development planning, with the clear objective of environmental and social sustainability, and with the commitment to bring together private and public actors in a revitalization of the most disadvantaged territories today”.

Best wishes from Mattarella: “Restart as soon as possible”

The President of the Republic closed his speech with a wish “to the Italian Provinces to serve their communities with honor and success. It is time for recovery after the transition that affected them. It is time to start again as soon as possible”.