Mattarella: Migrant issue is global, EU commitment and dialogue with Africa are needed

The Head of State opens the eighth edition of the ‘Mediterranean Dialogues’ in Rome. At stake is the stability of Europe and the Mediterranean, respect for the life and dignity of human beings.

The management of migration flows it is a “decisive and global issue” which requires a “common commitment” of the countries of theEuropean Unioncomparing itself with the African ones, starting with Libya. New appeal from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for an approach to the migration issue that avoids radical conflicts, but passes through confrontation and dialogue. The occasion is the opening of the eighth edition of the ‘Mediterranean dialogues‘, organized today and tomorrow in Rome by the ISPI (Institute for International Political Studies).

“The growth of the countries located on the shores of the Mediterranean – recalls the Head of State– it also passes through a common and farsighted management of migratory flows that impoverish the countries of origin of energies useful for the development of their communities. This is a decisive and global question – as theInternational Organization of Migration– linked to demographic dynamics and global interconnection which it seems vain to think could be eclipsed and which we must, instead, in a logic of common interest, commit ourselves to managing”.

“Even on this ground – is the exhortation of Mattarella– diplomacy, national and international institutions, starting with the European Union, are called to a common commitment among themselves and with those countries – I am thinking of the difficult situation that the Libya– more exposed to this phenomenon. Here too, life, fate and destiny are at stake dignity of human beings. It is a crucial issue for the stability and prosperity of theEuropean Union and for the stability and prosperity of our southern neighbourhood”.