Mattarella named after the Ismett auditorium

From today the Conference Room of Irccs Ismett in Palermo officially becomes “Aula Magna Luigi Pagliaro”. The naming ceremony took place this afternoon in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who spoke privately to commemorate the figure of Professor Pagliaro, a Sicilian hepatologist of national and international fame. Ismett and his staff are closely linked to the figure of prof. Luigi Pagliaro, to whose foresight we owe the birth of the Mediterranean Institute. In 1996, in fact, the professor was one of the architects of the agreement between the Sicilian Region and UPMC, the medical center of the University of Pittsburgh, for the creation of the first multi-organ transplant center in Sicily. Until then, Sicilian patients who needed an organ transplant had to travel to the North or abroad, facing long periods away from their loved ones, linguistic difficulties and economic costs that were difficult to bear.

“Luigi Pagliaro – recalled Angelo Luca, director of Ismett – has always been a discreet and respectful man never motivated by personal interests. Even after having created Ismett and having seen the first results, he did not seek positions or recognitions. The important thing for he was knowing that the structure he had helped to create was a consolidated reality, a center of excellence for patient care and research, where innovation was at the service of people’s health and lives. attracted patients from other regions or other countries.From this point of view, the creation of the Biomedical Research Center of the Ri.Med Foundation in Carini and the new Ismett2 Hospital represent the completion of his legacy, a further step forward for the benefit of patients and of the community, representing an extraordinary opportunity for economic and social development for Sicily”.

“On 9 September 2020 an elderly and very talkative lady watched over my father’s body in the chapel of Palazzo Steri – said Antonio Pagliaro, Luigi’s son – She did it for five long hours, hardly ever getting up. To me, who understood to be his son, he told his story about him. The story was long, it began with U prufissuri mi rialo ‘a vita, and it was evident that that story, without prufissuri, would not have been so long, nor would that story of her daughter who sat with her have begun. A Facebook comment, on the news of her death, recalled how Professor Pagliaro sat on the patient’s bed and spoke to him about the disease, even in dialect if necessary. His door was always open, he had no antechambers or secretaries and anyone had access ”. “The professor. Pagliaro – underlined Massimo Midiri, Rector of the University of Palermo – was able not only to transmit knowledge in teaching, rigor and method in scientific research, in thought and in clinical analysis, but also to introduce a special modality of be a teacher, researcher and doctor”. The naming ceremony of the Aula Magna was strictly private. The event was attended by: the management of Ismett.Upmc, the family of prof. Pagliaro, his former students (Prof. Luigi Pagliaro was director of the chair of Medical Pathology, of Medical Clinic and director of the Specialization School of Gastroentorology and forged entire generations of doctors, ed). Among the former students who wanted to take part in the ceremony: Professor Roberto Lagalla, today Mayor of Palermo, Dr. Giovanna Volo, today Councilor for Health; Professor Massimo Midiri, now Rector of the University of Palermo.