Mattarella sees Steinmeier, Europe responds united to the energy crisis

Conversation between the Italian and German Heads of State at the Arraiolos Summit. Solidarity is the basis of the European Union, socially and economically sustainable solutions against speculation

“Among the values ​​to be pursued” in the European Union “is that of solidarity. This aspect has emerged several times in our discussions today, also addressing the issue ofpower. Faced with those who make energy an instrument of international pressure and international speculation, theEurope it is called to respond with a sense of cohesion and of unit increased, with a very strong sense of community, because only in this way will we be able to give socially and economically sustainable answers“. To reiterate the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellain the press conference in Valletta at the end of the annual Arraiolos Summit, which brings together the non-executive Heads of State of the European Union.

And in the morning, before the start of work, the Italian Head of State addresses the issue of the energy crisis in an interview with his counterpart German, Frank Walter Steinmeier, after the controversy of recent days aroused by the decision of the German government to allocate 200 billion to address the surge in electricity and gas prices. “We must mitigate the consequences of the increases in the cost ofpower on the life of families and of businesses“, he reiterates Mattarella and the two PresidentsItalian sources report, express the belief that the neighbor is about energy EU Council will know how to overcome differences.

“The Union is the promoter of social justice – Mattarella insisted during the press conference – is part of the community DNA, since the signing of the Treaties of Rome it constitutes one of the founding values ​​on which integration has developed, the relationship between us and with the rest of the world. We have experienced it during the pandemic, in supporting Ukraine during this unfortunate conflict, we are showing cohesion and resilience “.

“For this we can only constantly develop the solidarityand the growth and the social cohesion are closely related to the application of this value. We must continue to practice it constantly within ourselves and towards the regions around the European Union, in our neighborhood. This – concluded Mattarella – is the very raison d’etre of the European Union and its integration “. (By Sergio Amici)