Mattarella, the speech: “First female premier, news of great significance”

The Head of State: “The Constitution remains our compass, respecting it is our primary duty; mine too”

“The clear electoral result allowed for the rapid birth of the new government, led, for the first time, by a woman. This is a novelty of great social and cultural significance, which had been developing for some time in our country, and has now become a reality”. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, says so in his end-of-year message, referring to the result of the elections of 25 September 2022 and the birth of the government led by Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy.

“The Constitution remains our compass, respecting it is our primary duty, mine too. Tomorrow, January 1st, will be the seventy-fifth anniversary of its entry into force”, he adds.

“In the span of a few years -recalls the Head of State- almost all the political forces present in Parliament have alternated with the Government, in various parliamentary coalitions. What has happened has placed them all, at different times, in the face of the need to dealing with the difficulties of governing, recognizing the complexity, exercising responsibility for choices, confronting the limits imposed by a reality increasingly characterized by global phenomena: from the pandemic to war, from the energy crisis to the food crisis, from climate change to migratory phenomena The concreteness of reality has thus summoned everyone to responsibility. It urges everyone to apply themselves to the urgency of problems that await answers”.

“Our democracy has therefore proved, once again, to be a mature, accomplished democracy, also thanks to this experience, acquired by all, of representing and governing a large country. It is this awareness, in respect of the dialectic between the majority and the opposition, which leads to a common vision of our democratic system, to respect for rules that cannot be disregarded, for everyone’s role in the political life of the Republic. This – he says – corresponds to the spirit of the Constitution”.