Mattarella, the speech: “The Republic belongs to those who pay taxes”

The Head of State: “The Republic is in the civic sense of those who pay taxes”

“The Republic is in the civic sense of those who pay taxes”. It is a passage from the speech of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “The Republic is all of us. Together. The State in its articulations, the Regions, the Municipalities, the Provinces. The institutions, the Government, the Parliament. The women and men who work in the public administration. The intermediate bodies, the associations The vitality of the third sector, the generosity of volunteering. The Republic – our homeland – is made up of women and men who are committed to their families”, she says.

“The Republic – he underlines – is in the civic sense of those who pay taxes because this serves to make Italy work and therefore for the common good. The Republic is in the sacrifice of those who, wearing a uniform, risk to ensure everyone’s safety. In Italy as in many international missions. The Republic is in the fatigue of those who work and in the anxiety of those looking for work. In the commitment of those who study. In the spirit of solidarity of those who care for their neighbour. In the initiative of those who do business and create jobs”.