Mattarella: “Violence against women intolerable social barbarism”

The President of the Republic: “There is no freedom today when a person is the victim of physical or moral harassment and violence”

“There violence against women in Italyhas continued to manifest itself in recent months with numerous cases of murder and rape. This intolerable social barbarity requires a more conscious action of severe, concrete and constant prevention. This must be accompanied, in the whole of society, by an educational and cultural commitment against distorted mentalities and a miserable conception of the relationship between women and men”. Thus the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in a message sent to Corriere della Sera, on the occasion of the tenth edition of ‘Tempo delle Donne’.

“There is no freedom, today, when a person is the victim of physical or moral harassment and violence”, affirms the President of the Republic, underlining: “Freedom and rights are not an irreversible conquest, but require a continuous and far-sighted effort to protect, of renewal, of inclusion. The value of freedom and the aspiration to develop it have extended over the years, thanks also to the driving role of women, capable of bringing their specific and concrete sensitivity to issues of rights. But still today, and in everything the world, freedom is threatened by discrimination, violence, inequality”.

For the head of state “today we need more than ever the strength and culture of women, who with their struggles, their commitment, their originality have induced and sometimes forced modern societies to rethink styles, models and organizations, contributing to the affirmation of the universal value of freedom”.

“Women – she recalls – have changed politics, culture and society. And they will continue to do so, in this season in which decisive challenges engage Italy, Europe and the whole world on the frontier of peace, development, climate change, employment and the reduction of inequality”.