Mattarella visits Bratislava: “Italy will support Ukraine as long as necessary”

“Italy will provide support to Ukraine as long as it is necessary and requested from every point of view, because not only independence is at stake but also Europe’s future of peace”. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on a visit to Bratislava in Slovakia, adding that support is essential because otherwise the one in Ukraine “would be followed by other attacks and we cannot allow this: therefore we will guarantee our commitment in every measure” (ALL LIVE UPDATES ABOUT THE WAR IN UKRAINE).

Interview with President Zuzana Caputova

Mattarella, this morning you met the president Zuzana Caputova in the presidential palace in Bratislava. “We talked a lot about the war in Ukraine and the issue sees our countries in agreement on the defense of the territorial integrity of Kiev”, explained the Head of State. “We registered full harmony on all points of view and all the chapters addressed – declared the President of the Republic -. There is constant collaboration for the future. We have many very efficient collaboration fronts, our commercial exchange is and we plan to increase it. A theme we have talked about and which needs to be cultivated very concretely is that of renewables”.

“Insidious disinformation fueled by Russia”

The “disinformation fed by Russia” is an “important topic” because it is “an insidious action that needs to be tackled more effectively and requires an awareness of the EU and NATO”, said Mattarella, specifying that disinformation “can distill unfounded doubts by spreading false news. It’s an insidious phenomenon”.

“Virus of nationalism gives no answers”

According to the Head of State, numerous global challenges await us, “all of which require great collaboration. No one alone is capable of responding alone and the exasperation of nationalism is an insidious virus which, with the illusion of sovereignty, eliminates the ability to give responses that require a concerted solidarity commitment of a supranational nature”. For Mattarella, nationalism is a “dangerous virus that runs the risk of opposing instead of inducing collaboration as is increasingly evidently necessary”.

Caputova: “Italy is a very important partner”

“This visit marks the thirtieth of our diplomatic relations which are excellent today – said Caputova -. Italy is one of the most important partners for Slovakia”. The president then stated that there is “an important collaboration with Italy also in the energy sector. We need to reduce our dependence on Russia and diversify”. Then “the issue of strengthening renewable energies was addressed and we must increase collaboration in this field as well”.