Mattarella visits the 38th parallel in Korea: “Crucial page of history here”

“A crucial page of history took place here.” Sergio Mattarella said this during his visit to South Korea at the 38th parallel in Panmunjeom, the symbolic place of the armistice between South Korea and North Korea. It is a demilitarized strip, a very long barrier of 250 kilometers and four kilometers wide, which completely cuts the Korean peninsula in two, still dividing a people who are still nursing the wounds of the bloody war that lasted between 1950 and 1953 and which caused over two million deaths. In fact, the two Koreas have never managed to reach a peace treaty. The President of the Republic was inside the small wooden building, inside the area of ​​the demilitarized zone which is the only meeting point between the two nations.

“Never-ended war involves constant risk”

“Here we understand how a war that never ended with the achievement of peace entails the constant risk of new violence and what is done here has the breath of history, it is particularly important to avoid further explosions of violence”, underlined the president speaking to journalists at the end of the visit. It is a very long barrier of 250 kilometers and four kilometers wide which still militarily divides the two Koreas which reached the armistice in 1953.