Mattarella: “Young people accept risks, the country needs them”

The President of the Republic spoke at the University of Foggia for the inauguration of the 2021-2022 academic year. The ceremony takes place in the ‘Valeria Spada’ classroom of the Economics Department. The themes chosen for the event are educational poverty and the value of education

“Asking young people to commit themselves, not to back down, to accept the risk and to get involved, is the horizon that the whole of our country sets itself as a goal, which our whole country needs”. This was stated by the Head of State Sergio Mattarella speaking at the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Foggia. “The young generation that grows, allows our country to hope for constant growth, innovation, in the sense of responsibility, in the sense of equality and real freedom”

The speech of the student representative

The reference of the Head of State is to one of the passages of the report by Marko Pio Bruno, representative of the students of the University of Puglia. “Unfortunately, for some, it is not yet possible to develop and allow skills, talents and aspirations to flourish freely. In an area like ours, where economic poverty is often the cause and consequence of educational poverty, in a silent and almost invisible way, a minor is left alone, yielding to his dreams and passions “. “When we say that beauty will save the world” continues the boy, “we refer to this: to young people who choose to pursue their ambitions, who discover their talents and what imprint they want to leave in the world; young people with hearts oriented towards the future, who feel they exist and are part of a community. The greatest challenge of our generation will be to never stop living according to our creed, even when it seems most tiring, even when it seems most inconvenient. “

The right to study

The right to education, President Mattarella underlined, “is an expression of freedom and equality”. “The university is a garrison of culture, of a sense of coexistence, of respect for others and is – added the head of state – of great importance in this area, it requires a particular commitment on the part of the institutions. Here the university is a garrison that expresses the will to grow “. The fight against organized crime requires several elements, but alongside repression and prevention, alongside the need for an efficient and transparent public administration, alongside the primary need for an economy that grows and increases jobs, there is action indispensable, that is, that of the formation of consciences throughout the country. This sense of coexistence and legality must be developed and the formation of consciences is particularly decisive “.