Mattarella, ‘young people are the best investment for the future of Italy’

Head of State delivers certificates to Alfieri della Repubblica

In Italy there are many girls and boys who engage in gestures of solidarity, they represent the best investment for the future of the country. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the ceremony at the Quirinale for the delivery of the certificates of honor to the Standard bearers of the Republic, young people distinguished for solidarity actions. A ceremony that last year had been postponed due to Covid, now made possible for the improvement of the situation, although, the Head of State underlined, “you always need a lot of attention and prudence”

“You are many but you could be many more, because – Matarella pointed out – you are not isolated heroes, like you, many girls and boys commit themselves to valuable actions that deserve recognition and praise, for solidarity, for altruistic commitments, some thousands could be here , you represent them all “.

“It is a beautiful message that you are sending together – added the Head of State – and that each of you has sent individually. You have given an example in many profiles of the value of solidarity, interest, respect, care for others. You have shown that young people are bearers of these values: solidarity, mutual support, a sense of common life, of coexistence. I thank you for what you have done, from the behaviors you have put in place there emerges an exhortation to improve the way of life of our country, to make it consistent with these values ​​of helping each other “.

“I am sure that in the future you will keep these feelings and these attitudes – concluded Mattarella – and this to have confidence in the future of our country. I am convinced that, like you, many girls and many boys will maintain these attitudes, these beliefs, these attitudes, these behaviors. This is the best investment for the future of our country “.