Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta, the first photo together on social media

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The business trip of Matthew Berrettini, in Florida to take part in the Master 1000 Miami, she became one pleasant vacation two together a Melissa Satta with whom he has been a steady couple for some time. The tennis player posed with the showgirl for a selfie which is the most intriguing content of the thirty-seven-year-old’s social account of her American days. For the two it is the first photo for Instagram since their love story began.

Melissa Satta’s social report from Miami

There is more than one reason for Matteo Berrettini to remember his last trip to the United States: on the one hand, the defeat on the tennis court against Mackenzie McDonald, on the other the relaxation with Melissa Satta with whom he came out in the open but with which things have become so serious that they can be shared with serenity even with her followers and fans. Satta has published for her admirers quite a few details of the days she spent with Berrettini which has reached the States to spend a mini vacation after his sporting commitments.
The couple stayed in Miami spending time outdoors between the beach and workouts. To the photos taken by the agencies, which portray the two engaged in the race, were added the shots shared by Melissa Satta who has a social audience of over four million eight hundred thousand followers.
Always fit, in a bathing suitwith the cap and a cotton shirt with a masculine cut, the showgirl poses happy close to the champion who looks very relaxed next to her.

The other photos are for the landscapes with palm trees swaying in the wind and for other details of the meals and breakfasts served in the resort where the two lovers stayed.

Berrettini defends his love story

The holiday atmosphere of the photos of Berrettini and Satta did not spare the couple comments from followers, some of whom continue to attribute the tennis player’s lack of sporting results to the presence of his new girlfriend. The Roman tennis player had been forced to talk about the subject in a recent interview with The Republic in which he had defended his moment of happiness.
The sportsman, normally reserved about his private life, reiterated that he was well aware that the bond with a woman belonging to the entertainment world would have exposed him to greater visibility and fan chatter, but he nevertheless underlined that his report does not constitute in no way a distraction from his professional duties.
The admirers of the couple, on the other hand, await new public demonstrations of affection which could arrive on April 12, the day on which Berrettini will turn twenty-seven.