Matteo Favotto, sailing between rivers and prairies In The River: the video

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I have always been passionate about everything related to the American stars and stripes world.Among these passions of mine there is Country Music which I wanted to give in my song this musical imprint both in the text (in English) and in the sounds. typical of the genre. The narrated setting is that of a classic American prairie where the whole story revolves around this river which is its main subject (hence the title In The River). In the song I wanted to describe a sort of “journey into memories” of life lived in a house along the bank of a river, bringing back various settings and also lingering in moments of couple with the loved one.

In life in general I tend to be a fussy and “precise” person, therefore, always attentive to taking care of the smallest details. It is no coincidence that in this piece of mine I have tried to take care of every sound almost to a “maniacal” level, also trying to match the guitars (three different models) with the correct effects and so on in the guitar phrasing. All of this translates into a song that doesn’t seem like it but, yet I committed 95 audio tracks into the mix. The piece initially articulates with the typical sounds of the American prairie, that is, the flow of the river, the howl of the wolf and the cry of the eagle. This is to recreate that natural setting in such a way as to make the listener “travel with the mind” towards those typical American boundless landscapes. All this translates into a song that doesn’t seem like it but, yet has engaged 95 audio tracks in the mix. In order to make the video I tried to choose a location that could be as close as possible to the typically American scenario where there are immense mountains and boundless valleys.

After many evaluations, the ideal locations have been identified in two well-defined areas. The first where the shots were made with the bike and those on the way, were made in the path obtained from the decommissioning of the old railway that connected Treviso with the city of Ostilia which had been abandoned for some time e

converted into a natural path for walks both on foot and by bike immersed in total greenery. It is located near my house in the Municipality of Quinto di Treviso. The second instead, after several above places, the choice fell on Lake Mosigo located in the Municipality of San Vito di Cadore in the Belluno area. The location turned out to be a good choice as, in addition to the aforementioned lake with attached Chalet, it is bordered by the Boite Stream which proved to be excellent to be considered the subject main part of the song, namely the river. Everything then turns out to be surrounded by the vegetation and woods of the

our beautiful Dolomite mountains. With this passage I wanted to emphasize to each of us the importance of living intensely every day moments that life puts before us and being grateful for what we are, for what we have by valuing us

themselves because, in all this there is the secret to being happy.