Matteo Messina Denaro survives the night, always in very serious conditions

The boss is sedated and is no longer fed

Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro spent another night in an irreversible coma for two days. The 62-year-old mafia boss is hospitalized in the cell of the inmate ward of the San Salvatore hospital in L’Aquila, assisted by pain therapy specialists who have been looking after him for a few days after the suspension of any oncological therapy. Since yesterday the boss has been suspended from intravenous parenteral nutrition. It was the boss himself who asked to avoid aggressive therapy. The situation worsened after heavy bleeding, collapse and intestinal obstruction which became chronic.

In the cell of the Abruzzo hospital Messina Denaro is assisted by doctors and paramedics but also carabinieri, policemen and financial police, both in uniform and in plain clothes, who monitor the department. The mafia boss was arrested last January 16 after almost thirty years of hiding, in the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo where he had gone to undergo chemotherapy to treat advanced colon cancer. Messina Denaro is sedated and is no longer fed. The blood pressure and diuresis parameters seem stable even if the health situation is always very serious.