Matteo Messina Denaro, the story of the boss will soon be a film

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The story of Matthew Messina Moneythe ex-boss of Cosa Nostra on the run for thirty years and captured last January, will become a movie. Bamboo Production, the company of the Roman producer Marco Belardi which has already brought titles such as Perfect strangers by Paolo Genovese in 2016, Italian murder by Maccio Capatonda in 2017 and Everyone at home is fine by Gabriele Muccino in 2018, has in fact acquired the rights to the book U Siccuwritten by anti-mafia journalist Lirio Abbateand announced his intention to realize the project of “an important film” directed by an Italian director “not yet specified”.


Abbate’s book paints the portrait of Messina Denaro, mafia boss and strategist who “endorsed and supervised the massacre choice of Cosa Nostra in the nineties, when the bombs smeared Sicily and the whole of Italy with blood”, and ruthless killer who didn’t even spare little Giuseppe Di Matteo, son of a pentito, first strangled and then dissolved in acid. Messina Denaro is also “the father, the uncatchable fugitive“able to be”invisible for more than thirty years. We find here the young lover of luxury and women, the charming yet awkward fimminaro of Palermo nights. We meet the ruthless face of the killer, the executor and the instigator of excellent murders as well as executions out of trivial jealousy”. The criminal is also “the businessman, as Riina called him; the boss who, strengthened by the secrets of the boss of bosses and the legendary aura of the elusive, sits at the top of the mafia hierarchies”.