Matteo Paolillo, waiting for “Mare Fuori” takes us into his life with the album “Come Te”

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After Edoardo Matteo finally arrives. Thanks to Sea Out we fell in love with the human story of Edoardo Conte, the boss of the juvenile prison where the series is set. Waiting for the new season and the evolution of Edo, who we left waking up in the hospital after ending up in a coma from a firefight, was born today “Comets”the album of Matthew Paulillo, the actor who plays Edo and who has put the themes close to his heart in this album: the importance of love, the sense of community, the strength that exists in not being afraid to show oneself vulnerable. We find collaborations with Lolloflow, Gelo, PJ, Clementino and a remix of “‘O Mar For” by Deborah De Luca

Matteo let’s start from the history of the album: when did you start working on it and the songs are the poems of a bare planet that came out?

I’ve been thinking about the project for a long time but it has been developing since May, June 2022. The Intro is the most rewritten thing because it defines the shooting. I wrote a few things in the summer between filming breaks Sea Out. But there are songs that come from my travels: Viper originated in Nepal as the foundations of Tonight. In January in Egypt and Morocco it takes shape Comets.
True strength is showing oneself weak: why are there still many or young people today who are afraid to ask for help in times of difficulty? In fact, you chant “cry without hesitation”.

I don’t know if it’s a generational issue or linked to this era. Man goes towards the machine and not vice versa, now we humans seem to be at the service of the machine and man must always be efficient so as not to be replaced by the machine. What can make you less leads to a departure, sad things for fear of being conditioned or contaminated by them keep themselves at a distance.
Loving without rules is love in the age of social media, in the sense that everything is freer and more spontaneous. Because for many love is adaptation and complicity, therefore, it provides for unwritten rules but to be respected. In Tonight on the other hand you talk about loving imperfections.

There are models that are imposed on us and are linked to standards of imperfection. Love is acceptance but I also say that imperfection makes us unique. Life without rules is bitter.
In “Liberatemi” the love that in many of your songs is a constant presence and that you tell in all its forms becomes an illusion: if it too is an illusion, what should we believe in?

I believe in love. We are deluded into evading time and in my opinion the real illusion lies in deceiving time, an element that cannot be changed. There is a strong connection between music and love.
“Tonight” is the picture of the pros and cons of popularity. In “Strada” you say “fuck fame”: in this period of great exposure are you serene, at peace with yourself or do you sometimes still want to be the one who comes from the street?

I never wanted it. Anyway, I come from a peaceful adolescence and I was able to devote myself to art as a kid. It doesn’t have to be an ambition to become famous, if it happens it’s fine but it doesn’t have to be the priority goal. With fame you think you’ve made your dreams come true but you haven’t, the only difference is that with fame there are more people listening to you.
“Come te” is a song of sharing and brotherhood: is that what we lack today?

It is not lacking but we must open ourselves more to others. the pandemic has made us understand that we cannot live alone but it has also forced us to distance ourselves. It accelerated a process of individualism. I want to bring back the concept of community.
‘O mar For it’s more than a song and a mantra. Do you remember the first time you heard it? What is the effect of singing it?

It gives me strong emotions but it also impresses me because I didn’t realize what happened since I wrote it and how it then spread. I thought of it to give hope to my character and then he gave hope to many other people as well.
In the end we can say that you have found your way back or are you still…lost?

I don’t distinguish between good and bad road, everyone has the ability to direct their own destiny. I embrace everything that comes my way but I recognize that it’s easier now.
In addition to the already announced concerts, what will happen between now and the summer? Also, given your range between genres, how did you think about the musical part of the live show?

There aren’t many concerts at the moment because they aren’t compatible with other commitments, but more will come at the end of the year. It will be a show where I can build everything myself and my acting skills will also be on stage.