Matteo Renzi: “Marco Travaglio convicted, he must pay me 80 thousand euros”

The leader of Italia Viva: “A serial defamer gives morals on TV, a mystery”

“Marco Travaglio must pay me 80 thousand euros”. Matteo Renzi, in his enews, provides updates on the outcome of a lawsuit against the journalist, director of Fatto Quotidiano. “Our day begins with the official sentencing of Marco Travaglio to pay eighty thousand euros, plus costs and interest, for having repeatedly defamed me”, writes the senator, leader of Italia Viva.

“For years I have suffered in silence, making mistakes. Today’s sentence does not eliminate the suffering of the past but poses a question to those involved in communications: how can a serial defamer who has a record collection of convictions continue to lecture others others every day on TV? Mystery”, continues Renzi,

“Meanwhile, a thought for my family who had to suffer the weight of all the infamy and for all the friends who never abandoned us”, adds Renzi.

The former Prime Minister also focuses on one of the cases of the day. “I don’t think like Salvini on immigration, in fact, I’m polar opposites. But I believe that the Northern League minister is right when he asks that judges give the maximum guarantees of impartiality. And this judge – on the topic – cannot be perceived as impartial if takes to the streets and takes part in a political demonstration”, says Renzi referring to the video, released by Matteo Salvini, which documents the presence of the Catania judge Iolanda Apostolico at a demonstration in which police officers were allegedly insulted.