Matteo Renzi on Live In Firenze: “We are in opposition”. La Russa? “First reaction shock”

“When I saw Liliana Segre go out and I saw Ignazio La Russa enter, first reaction shock”, the leader of Italia Viva joked about the new names elected to the presidencies of the Chamber and Senate. On the future of the party in the government he confirmed: “The Third Pole remains in opposition”

Italia Viva leader Matteo Renzi is the guest of the second day of Live In Firenze 2022. “We are in the most beautiful salon in the world”, he began. Among the topics covered, the new elected to the presidencies of the Chamber and Senate. Renzi ironized about the change at Palazzo Madama: “When I saw Liliana Segre go out and I saw Ignazio La Russa enter, first reaction shock”. And he assured: “he was not elected with the votes of Italia Viva”. As for the disagreements between Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of Italia viva believes that they are “a joke. They pretend to argue but it is a game within the coalition”. A coalition, explained the former mayor of Florence, which “is not a majority in the country. It is a majority in Parliament thanks to the folly of the Democratic Party which did not want to make alliances”. (LIVE ON LIVE IN FLORENCE – SECOND DAY)

Renzi: “Third pole remains in opposition”

“I will never be on Giorgia Meloni’s side”, confirmed the leader of Italia viva, speaking about the future of the party. “Even if I respect Meloni as a person, I will never vote for her. Terzo Polo will not vote for confidence, we will not go to the government with Meloni. We will remain in the opposition.” With Calenda “everything is fine. We are in opposition together and we will try to work so that Italy has some answers. I copied my first bill from Renzo Piano. When I was Prime Minister I asked him to do a project on the instability hydrogeological “. So Matteo Renzi presented the Casa Italia project: “I hope everyone will vote for it because this project serves the country. Let’s talk about these things, not about the divisions between parties”. And Draghi? “He will rest for a while but then he will still be useful to the country. I have some ideas: it will still be useful to Italy and Europe”.

The words addressed to young people

“We were among the most voted by Italians of university age. To young people we say: ‘The world is yours, but you have to choose if you want a country that gives you citizenship income or a country that bets on young people and start-ups'”, Renzi said. “Do not be satisfied with staying on the surface. Ask yourself why things are. Go deeper, study. Party acronyms pass. Your ability to be true citizens does not.”