Matteo Romagnoli, manager and author of ‘Lo Stato Sociale’ died

The words of the group on social media: “You saved our lives, you scolded us, you loved us more than anyone”

AND’ Matteo Romagnoli, manager and author and ‘sixth man’ of the group ‘Lo Stato Sociale’ died. His Garrincha records and the group formed by Lodovico ‘Lodo’ Guenzi, Alberto Cazzola, Francesco Draicchio, Alberto Guidetti and Enrico Roberto gave the news on social media.

“Thank you from your little, big, and weird Garrincha family”, the words on the profile of the label, followed by the memory of the group: “If this life is hell we will put it on a sheet, but we will not do the shopping, it will only be a game waiting for a million clouds to pass and the heart to resume its course.Hello Matteo, hello Johnny, hello Mareo, hello J, hello Quincy, hello Romagolo, hello Gennaro and hello another million ways we called you in these years of life with you where you saved our lives, you scolded us, you loved us more than anyone. Without you we are only 5 assholes, before there were 6 of us and it was much better. Before – remember Lo Stato Sociale – there were a million of us and it was beautiful, because you let everyone in and only inside your creature could so many freaks live together, only inside garrincha is it possible to find your love for flaws and perfection. Now we are in pieces, but from these pieces we will try to build something IMPUBLICABLE, that you, wherever you are – they still write -, will make music”.