Mauricio Israel fully responded to Daniela Aránguiz: "From scammer to scammer we will understand each other"

The fight that began as a fight between two, according to the words of Anita Alvarado against Daniela Aranguiz in the program We can talk from CHV, has been gaining in intensity and participants in the media brawl. So much has been the commotion of the accusations that last week the sports commentator ended up in trouble Mauritius Israelcurrent panelist for Follow me and I follow you from TV+.

It all started when the former host of “Colo Colo en La Red” referred to the vacations of Daniela Aranguiz Y Jorge Valdivia in Miami who left together and even enjoyed a Daddy Yankee recital in what, in Israel’s opinion, was a joke on the Chilean public regarding the fight with the geisha. At the time, the communicator said that we are “wasting time talking for days and I don’t know, and they are laughing at us to our faces, still in Miami, and in Orlando, and we are buying the circus. I no more”.

And threw darts against Daniela Aranguiz because according to him the former Yingo girl “walked through all the programs, they paid her and it turns out that now with that money they go on vacation”, which, in Mauricio Israel’s opinion, is irrefutable proof that “we are giles for to have bought this circus“.

What did Daniela Aránguiz answer?

As expected, the Chilean dancer and influencer did not remain silent and sent a message through her Instagram account: “The only thing I can say is that I am leaving the concert of daddy yankee while many speak of me” and also left floating in the air a sentence that, without having a name and surname, was understood by many to be addressed to Mauricio Israel.

The phrase was “I think that to talk about others, the first thing we have to do is not owe money, not owe or cheat anyone, only then can one talk about others.”

And Mauricio Israel picked up the glove.

What did Mauricio Israel reply to Daniela Aránguiz?

As befits a fight in which those involved have minutes on the air in entertainment shows, Mauricio Israel spoke of Aránguiz’s words and, without removing the syringe’s poto, referred loud and clear to the sayings.

It was in the Follow Me and I Follow You program where Carola Brethauer’s ex-husband said “I’m reading something that Daniela Aránguiz sent me to say,” and added: “What you did is also a scam, because you sold us the ointment and it turns out that what you were saying was all a lie, so from scammer to scammer we will understand each other”he expressed.

And incidentally, he sent a subtle hint to the Zona de Estrellas panelist saying that he thanked her “for watching our program, because in order to speak and to be able to give an opinion, you have to be watching us.”