Mauricio Israel took it out on Julia Vial in the middle of the program

During the broadcast of the program, Israel did not miss the opportunity to remind Vial of a joke that she made in the past in relation to the debts she had with the channel’s doorman.

“I hope that Julia, and I’m telling you looking into your eyes, that it will help you when you get back up, since you’re surely going to get it, because you’re a tremendous professional. Don’t forget what just happened to you, so you never mop the floor with someone having a hard time againl, I wish you good luck,” said the commentator.

Israel also made reference to the comments that his partner Eduardo de la Iglesia allegedly made with Vial in the past against him.

According to the commentator, “there were many people who got on trains that they did not have to get on, they gave their opinions without knowing”. Israel remarked that when he returned to La Red in 2008, Vial received him on his show in the morning, but then he began to trash him along with his coworker.

Regarding the joke that Vial made about the supposed debt with the channel’s doorman, Israel assured that it is false and that when he returned to the channel after many years, the doorman received him affectionately and treated him in the best way.

This disagreement between Israel and Vial is not new. It seems that both have a tense relationship for a long time. However, this time, Israel did not miss the opportunity to take it out on the journalist in the middle of the program.