Mauricio Israel’s profound message to Arturo Vidal

every step you take Arturo vidal It draws attention and it is that the soccer player is characterized by being controversial on social networks and when something bothers him, he does not remain silent and says it to his more than 19 million followers from all corners of the planet who follow him regularly. virtual.

Arturo vidal He has been at the center of controversy for a few days because he went on vacation to Dubai with his girlfriend Sonia Isaza and missed the graduation of his son “Monito Vidal” in Chile. It was his ex Marité Matus who was present and shared the emotional postcards.

Vidal He was not silent in the face of criticism and said: “A nice Wednesday to all, blessings. That’s how worried I am. Some people criticize your life as if theirs were an example.” But now the journalist Mauritius Israel In the Follow Me and I Follow You program, he sent a strong message to the footballer.

Vidal on his vacation. Source: instagram @kingarturo23oficial

“This situation hurts me and it hurts a lot because I have lost many things about my two children, perhaps too much. I am criticized a lot for that very reason…”, he said Mauritius Israel and I add: “It doesn’t matter the circumstances, I missed them and that time does not recover… it is causing injuries to the children, in the father-son relationships, I am suffering it.”

Mauricio Israel. Source: instagram @misrael61

“I just want to tell you: learn from the mistakes of others and hopefully the opportunity to repair this mistake, which in my opinion is a mistake, if you have the possibility, do it, so that you do not reach my age with the shortcomings and with the pain caused by having wasted time on other things and not on the ones that really mattered,” he closed. Mauricio Israel, now it only remains to wait if Arturo vidal answers him.