Mauricio Pinilla would have asked Huaso Isla for permission before beginning his romance with Gala Caldirola

After the confirmation of the romance between Mauricio Pinilla and Gala CaldirolaRumors arose that Huaso Isla would be upset with the relationship, since the Spanish woman is his ex-wife and mother of his children. However, according to the TV+ panelist, Mauritius Israel, pinilla would have talked to Mauritius Island before beginning his relationship with the model and ex-soccer player, and he would have given his approval.

During the last broadcast of Follow Me and Follow You, Israel commented that a close and reliable source to the Catholic University soccer player would have told him that Pinilla would have contacted Isla before starting his romance with Caldirola. “He was respectful, he called and said: ‘Does the situation bother you? I’m going to start.’ And Isla told him: ‘You have my blessing my friend, be happy'”narrated the panelist.

In addition, Israel assured that Isla would not be angry with Pinilla and that, on the contrary, the new couple of the Chilean show business would have his approval. “Before they started dating (with Gala), Mauricio Pinilla spoke with him (Huaso Isla), this is from a close source, and he gave Pinilla his approval”assured the communicator.

With this information, the situation between Pinilla, Caldirola and Isla is clarified, and it is confirmed that the former soccer player would have been respectful and considerate when speaking with his former teammate before beginning his relationship with the Spanish model.