Maurizio Costanzo, all about the famous journalist: private life, marriages, children, Maria De Filippi

Maurizio Costanzo, the private life of the talk show king: marriages, children and great love with Maria De Filippi.

With Maurice Costanzo an important piece of Italian television is leaving. He who has changed TV, with a new way of communicating and informing, with professionalism, precision, kindness and irony. An illustrious career, studded with successes and programs that will remain in the history of our country. A TV of which it was a real column, just like his beloved Mary.

Maurizio Costanzo, all about the journalist’s private life – Credits Ansa (

At the news of the journalist’s disappearance it was impossible not to think of her, the woman who has been by his side for over 30 years. The one that Maurizio wanted by his side until the last day: it took her very little to figure it out. “When I met Maria for the first time in my life I was like ‘Here this is the person who will hold my hand as I die. I still think so. It had never happened to me with my previous women”, he told Vanity Fair a few years ago. Previous women with whom Maurizio was also married.

When he met Maria, whom he married in 1995, Maurizio had his back three weddings and was the father of two children. Following all the details on the private life of the journalist.

Maurizio Costanzo, all about his private life: three marriages behind before Maria

The meeting with Maria De Filippi, during a conference in Venice in 1989, changed Maurizio Costanzo’s life forever. The journalist had already been married three times but when, in August 1995, he got married to Maria he had no doubts: he would have stopped there.

Maurizio Costanzo, private life before Maria De Filippi
Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, a great love story – Credits Ansa (

The first marriage for the journalist came in 1963, when he joined the photojournalist Lori Sammartino, older than him by 14 years. The wedding with Flaminia Morandi (who divorced Rai journalist Alberto Michelini out of love for Maurizio) were celebrated ten years later: they were born from their love Camillascreenwriter, in 1973 and Xavier, in 1975, director. In 1989 the marriage with Marta Flaviwhich lasted just over a year and ended just when she entered the heart of Maurizio Maria DeFilippi.

It was September 1992 when Maurizio decided to make her debut on TV, replacing Lella Costa at the helm of Amici: it was the beginning of Maria’s extraordinary career. With her, in 2004, Costanzo took up for adoption Gabriel, 12 years old at the time, who now works behind the scenes on her mother’s show. The king of talk was also grandfather of four grandchildren, Brando, Nina, Bernardo and Tito, children of Camilla and Saverio. “It’s nice when life allows you to be a grandfather,” he recently said in connection with Verissimo.