Maurizio Costanzo made this ‘particular’ gift to all the guests of his show

Maurizio Costanzo had a ‘strange’ habit: he gave all the guests of his broadcasts something ‘special’ as a gift.

Maurizio Costanzo passed away on Friday 24 February 2023 at the age of 84. The news of his disappearance came from his press office and left everyone displaced. During the afternoon edition of Tg1 with an in-depth analysis in the episode of Live life, we learned the causes of death.

The gift that Maurizio Costanzo always gave to his guests (Photo: Ansa)

According to what was said, the journalist had been hospitalized for about a month in the hospital for routine surgery. After the operation, however, his conditions worsened. There was the transfer to intensive care until his death yesterday. Over the years of his career, Maurizio has shown great respect for the work he has done, even modifying and revolutionizing the way of making television.

Just to the guests of his broadcasts he always gave a special gift: a gentle habit that he had been carrying on for many years now.

Maurizio Costanzo always did it in his broadcasts: that ‘special’ gift to all his guests

The disappearance of Maurizio Costanzo has left a void that cannot be filled in the world of television and in the hearts of all those who have followed him for years. Journalist and television presenter, he was able to carry on everything he did successfully. Costanzo has conducted many programs during his career and perhaps not everyone knows it, he had a particular habit.

Each time he gave his guests a turtle. In fact, he has never hidden his great passion, so much so that he has collected over 5,000 figurines of all shapes and types. Well, the conductor gave each character present in his programs one of these objects together with a rose. Turtles had an important meaning for him, they represented longevity and the strength to fight in the face of life’s difficulties.

Maurizio Costanzo particular habit
Maurizio Costanzo had a particular habit: what he gave to his guests (Photo: Ansa) –

Indeed, the journalist has even dedicated a book to this animal, entitled ‘The strategy of the turtle. Survival Manual’. In this text he extolled their ability to depend on no one and to withdraw into their shells when adversity comes their way.

Maurizio Costanzo: the decision of Mediaset after his disappearance

Mediaset, after the news of Maurizio Costanzo’s death, decided to change programming, broadcasting events to remember its greatness. There won’t be the usual episode of You’ve Got Mail on Saturday 25 February but channel 5 will broadcast two special evenings invented by the journalist himself. The first titled In alphabetical order with Vittorio Gassman, Monica Vitti and Alberto Sordi, from 1999; the second, on the other hand, brings to the stage The three tenors, from 1998, with Mike Buongiorno, Raimondo Vianello and Corrado reunited at the time by the conductor. While on Sunday 26 February Silvia Toffanin will host a special of Verissimo, in which she will talk about Costanzo.