Maurizio Costanzo, ‘Men and women’ is not broadcast

More schedule changes will arrive in the next few hours

Today’s episode of ‘Men and Women’ will not be broadcast. The Qui Mediaset Twitter account communicated the failure to air Maria De Filippi’s programme. ‘Men and women’ is the first of De Filippi’s programs that should have been aired, in the chronology of the Canale 5 schedule, after the news of Costanzo’s disappearance. But, according to what Adnkronos learns, other programming changes will be communicated in the next few hours. In the meantime, all the information and entertainment programs of the group, starting from ‘Pomeriggio 5’, will be dedicated to the disappearance of the journalist.

Even Pierluigi Diaco’s ‘Bellama’ program will not be broadcast today as a sign of mourning. To announce it, again on the second network, was Milo Infante, host of ‘Ore 14’, the program that precedes that of Diaco. Diaco was very attached to Costanzo, who among other things had celebrated the civil union of Pierluigi with his colleague Alessio Orsingher. Instead of ‘Bellama’, Infante explained, however, the last interview that Diaco had done with Costanzo will be re-proposed.