Maurizio Costanzo Show suspended a few hours from the start: the reason concerns the conductor

Twist for the viewers of the Maurizio Costanzo Show: the famous program suspended for tonight, what happened.

Bad news for loyal fans of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, historic talk broadcast on Mediaset networks for over 40 years. The second appointment with the new season inaugurated last Friday 30 September, was scheduled for this evening, again in the late evening on Canale 5, immediately after the fiction Purple like the sea. At the last minute, however, the registration was canceled.

Maurizio Costanzo Show news program (Credits: Witty Tv)

To reveal it is TvBlog which also explains the causes of this change of plans. The characters expected on the iconic stage were, as always, coming from the most disparate sectors: TV, politics, the world of entertainment and journalism. In fact, the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the editor of La7 Urbano Cairo, the beloved face of Rai Uno, should have attended Alberto MatanoRicky Tognazzi, Patty Pravo and Sonia Bruganelli. The latter should have spoken precisely of the GF Vip and the controversial issues that have animated him in recent days. Among the regular guests, also the former Bonas Sara Croce, replaced to Come on another one from the ex gieffina Sophie Codegoni.

All of them would be warned in advance of the cancellation of registration and who knows that we will still have the opportunity to see them in the next episodes. According to what the well-known television portal reveals, the motivation for this decision would be attributable to the tenant.

Maurizio Costanzo Show, skip the episode: because the program has been suspended

On air since 1982, the father of all the talk shows on Italian TV has accompanied the Italian public through decades of the country’s cultural, political and artistic history. It is therefore not surprising that he considered himself a true cult for millions and millions of users. For this week, viewers will have to be patient, but fortunately they will be able to find the well-known presenter already on Monday in the third evening on Rai Uno. The state TV flagship network will broadcast regularly Night has fallen, whose episodes have already been recorded and where we also find the excellent Pino Strabioli. But what does the Biscione plan for tonight?

Well, at the moment it is not known how Canale 5 will take action to remedy the ‘void’ created in the range from 23:40 to 1:50, but it can be assumed that it will opt for the broadcasting of a movie. TvBlog reveals that what caused the unexpected decision was an “indisposition” by Maurizio Costanzo. The reporter then made further clarity in first person with a video in which he explains in detail what happened to him: “I have a few lines of fever, nothing serious, it’s a seasonal flu. Next week we will be together again “.

Maurizio Costanzo Show
Maurizio Costanzo Show second episode (Credits: Witty Tv)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the great and inimitable Costanzo.