Maurizio Costanzo, success as a lyricist for Mina

The song ‘Se telephoning’ was conceived as a 1966 television theme song

Maurizio Costanzo was also a lyricist, linking his notoriety to one of Mina’s greatest singing successes: it is he, in fact, with Ghigo De Chiara who wrote the text of ‘Se telephoning’, set to music by Ennio Morricone. Conceived as a theme song for the Rai 1 variety show ‘Ariaconditioned’ in 1966, over time the song has become one of Mina’s most popular and has been the subject of numerous covers, the last of which was very successful thanks to Nek’s interpretation . “Se telephoning” was the 76th single of the singer from Cremona released in May 1966 as an extract from the studio album Studio Uno 66.

In a recent interview, Maurizio Costanzo recounted the birth of the song as follows: “There were three of us: Ennio Morricone, Ghigo De Chiara and me. The combination was born from the fact that Enrico De Chiara and I were writing a piece for a variety program for Rai, which was called ‘Ariaconditioned’.In those years the initials and tails still existed and De Chiara, who had worked with Morricone in a theatrical show, said he would try to ask Morricone if he agreed He said yes and, while De Chiara and I worked on the piece at De Chiara’s house, Morricone intervened on the phone and said ‘Think of the police siren in Marseille’. I was lucky enough to say the word telephone, arguing with De It was clear that the telephone was becoming more fashionable in those years (there weren’t cell phones yet); ‘Se telephoning’ was born”.