Maurizio Costanzo, the unpublished confession about Maria De Filippi: what she did for him

Maurizio Costanzo let himself go to an unprecedented confession about his life partner: what Maria De Filippi did for him

The well-known TV host and famous journalist Maurice Costanzoguest in the Rai studios of Serena Bortone in the transmission ‘Today is another day‘ he told himself. Several topics were addressed but the one that most touched us concerns the confession that Maurizio Costanzo made about his wife, Maria DeFilippi.

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Together for more than 25 years, the one between Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi it is a long-lived love that blossomed in the days behind the scenes of the television programs that today they host with great success. It all started by chance back then. He is a journalist and already well-known show business personality with already 3 marriages behind him; she is a very young woman ready to start her career in the world of lawyers. Yes, because you must know that before becoming the wife of Maurizio Costanzo and a well-known TV presenter, Maria De Filippi had obtained a law degree. After meeting Maurizio Costanzo, things as we know went differently. Today they are a couple known to the public and much loved. Maurizio Costanzo about his marriage and his strong bond with Maria De Filippi made a unedited confession. Here’s what she did know.

Maurizio Costanzo on Maria De Filippi: the confession that displaces everyone

In several circumstances, the well-known television presenter has expressed himself on the bond he has with his life partner. The long-lasting love story between Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi has solid foundations that have matured in these years of relationship. Previously, to ‘What’s the weather like‘, the transmission conducted on Rai 3 by Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto, Maurizio Costanzo had spoken of his wife by speaking sweet words to her, seeing in her the woman with whom to reach the end of his days and hold her hand until the last breath. While recently at the New Weekly he had revealed the secret that had allowed him to win the heart of Maria De Filippi.

Over and over again the conductor was accustomed to making declarations of love for his life partner. And also on this occasion, a guest in the show ‘Today is another day‘, Maurizio Costanzo did not spare himself and made an unprecedented confession about his wife. Do you know what Maria De Filippi did for him? He revealed it himself!

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Maurizio Costanzo and the love for Maria De Filippi – Sologossip

It was to the question that the presenter Serena Bortone asked the conductor of the Maurizio Costanzo Show about what was the most important thing that Maria De Filippi had taught him in these years of marriage that the well-known conductor replied: “He taught me to be there, he taught me the pleasure of talking.. Even a little but to talk“, replied the conductor. With these words addressed to his partner, Maurizio Costanzo has once again left us speechless.