Mauro Icardi broke the silence and told the details of his affair with China Suárez

Susana Giménez appeared in Paris to interview Wanda Nara. In a makeshift living room the driver sat with the businesswoman. She began by expressing regret to lower the intensity of the chimento. The news that he related was that he had conversations with China Suárez and apologies were apologized.

About Mauro Icardi, He assured that he believed him and even invited him to come into the living room. The little pearl occurred when the footballer approached saying “I’m not fixed” to which the blonde responds “How are you not fixed?”. “I’m like this no more” referring to his casual clothes and Wanda Nara retorted “Ah! I thought you wanted to get paid ”, making it clear that she is the only one who would make money out of the scandal.

Later Icardi She dared to say “The love I have for her is known to everyone. I got married very young and it was for life. I am very old fashioned ”. Although in ancient times there was no Instagram, Mauro he rehearsed a justification for his misstep. His visit to the hotel and his racy conversations with China Suarez do not say the same, but nevertheless his partner apparently has already forgiven him.

Source: Instagram @mauroicardi

“The most important thing about all this is that the relationship between Wanda and Icardi they give it to me as finished beyond what is shown. Wanda is trying to see how they do with their children to end the relationship in a better way ”said Juan Etchegoyen, the host of Miter Live.

And the word of the second most searched also appeared, the China Suarez gave a more personal explanation of how he lived it. “Maybe it sounds superb or maybe it sounds rebellious, but the day my children ask me what they want to know, the only ones I’m going to give explanations to is them” without wanting to justify themselves as if the Parisians did it by adoption . “I do not think that a boyfriend comes to ask me for explanations, I have no tolerance for such things. I want to maintain privacy and intimacy, I don’t want to put together a character ”, the third in disagreement stated bluntly.