Mavka and the Enchanted Forest, the exclusive trailer of the film

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It will come out at the cinema on April 20 distributed by Notorious Pictures the animated film Mavka and the Enchanted Forest signed by the talented Ukrainian directors Oleksandra Ruban And Oleg Malamuzh (Malamuzh is already known in the international animation scene thanks to the successful film The Stolen Princess of 2017), with the voice of the illustrator Fraffrog. And today 21 March, international day of forests, you can watch exclusively on the Sky TG24 website, the trailer of this long-awaited and evocative animated feature film.

Fraffrog, the Italian voice of Mavka and the Enchanted Forest

Based on the classic poem The song of the forest (1912) by the famous Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka, the film tells the story of Mavka, a beautiful forest nymph known to humans as the Soul of the Forest. Together with her guardian animal she defends her land from external dangers, above all the invasion of men in her kingdom. But when she falls in love with Lucas, a human being, everything gets complicated. Mavka is thus forced to choose between love and her duty as guardian of the Heart of the Forest. Respecting the spirit of Ukrainka’s work, we also find complex characters in the film who come from distant worlds and who, thanks to the strength of their love, will manage to overcome all adversities. Mavka and the Enchanted Forest is a modern fairy tale that shows with light and effective tones the importance of the relationship with nature and the respect that man should have for it.

To lend the voice to Ondina, one of the nymphs, is the young and popular Italian illustrator and animator Francesca Presentiniin art Fraffrogin his voiceover debut. Winner of YouTube NextUp (2012), has been publishing short films, animations, sketches and tutorials on his channel for years. You also have a rich literary production behind you (The fantastic planet2014; The DucoMentario2016; Draw My Childhood2018; The Adventures of Rupert and the Hedgehog2020) and has been working with the video game development team since 2018 Elf Games on the video game Children of Silenttown.

Mavka and the Enchanted Forest the plot of the movie

Since time immemorial, the vast forests of Ukraine have kept countless secrets and dark mysteries. They are home to wonderful mythological creatures who live among the centuries-old trees, who faithfully guard their sacred kingdom. Mavka is a Forest Soul and her new Guardian. Her primary mission is to protect the Forest and her Sacred Heart—the source of life itself—against any aggression or intrusion, even by humans. Lucas is an unassuming village boy, who has a great love of music and a real talent for playing the wooden flute, and dreams of dedicating his life to this passion. And Lucas’ music helps birth something truly extraordinary: Mavka and Lucas meet and fall in love. From the beginning, their union collides with insurmountable obstacles, but the obstacles loom even greater when the miserly Kylina enters the scene, claiming to be the heiress of an old sawmill on the edge of the Forest and promising the inhabitants of the village all the riches of industrial progress that she brought with her from abroad. This is just a facade to disguise its true purpose: to possess the Heart of the Forest (with the selfish aim of remaining young and beautiful forever), whose key is Mavka herself, who is however made vulnerable by the blossoming of her feelings for Lucas. To get to Mavka, Kylina uses Lucas as a weapon, and she instills anger and fear in the hearts of the villagers. Will Mavka be able to save the Forest? Will Lucas’ music be able to work miracles and save love? Will the two worlds be able to unite against evil?

The look of Mavka, the soul of the forest

Mavka is the Soul of the Forest. Like nature itself, she is beautiful, with a personality that is at once joyful, thoughtful, and kind. One day she meets a human boy, Lucas, listens to his enchanting music and her heart is filled with a hitherto unknown feeling… That same day, for reasons known only to them, the Supreme Spirits of Nature choose Mavka as their new Guardian of the Forest. After the ceremony at the Magic Willow, Mavka is able to command the elements of nature and protect the Forest from humans, her main enemies, as stated in the Law of the Forest. But many forest dwellers doubt that sweet and delicate Mavka is capable of coping with humans and her new tasks. Mavka has a sincere desire to carry out her new task with the utmost responsibility. However, out of love, Mavka overturns the Law of the Forest, changing the course of events in an effort to prevent the unstoppable… – Mavka’s Look and Style Mavka has a very distinctive look and style. Her hair color and clothes are gifts from Nature and can change according to the season, while her eyes change color according to her mood. Her awakening coincides with the arrival of spring, trees begin to blossom, springs begin to gush through the ice, and forest creatures awaken from their winter sleep. Mavka is so connected to nature that she can feel her moods: it rains when Mavka is sad and the sun shines when she laughs. Her body and face are decorated with magical designs that light up when Mavka hears music played by her one true love: Lucas. The first look is simple and colorless after the winter hibernation, with last year’s leaves and flowers. Her spring dress is a bright dress decorated with violets and forget-me-nots. The dress for the Guardian of the Forest ritual, on the other hand, is enriched by a beautiful cloak of night moths. She wears traditional Ukrainian clothes when she goes to the village fair, which fit into the Slavic mythological imagery that the film is inspired by