Max Giusti presents ‘Fake Show: “Parodies of politicians? They are not funny enough”

Among the announced guests Morgan, Alessandro Borghese, Gabriele Corsi, Carolina Rey, Fabio Caressa

“If they will be in ‘Fake Show’ parodies of politicians? I wanted the program to have a sunny and fun atmosphere, and at the moment I can’t find political figures so sunny and funny that they could be protagonists of the program.” Max Giusti thus in great shape he presents his new program ‘Fake Show – Beware of imitations’, the new comedy show in the original Italian format created by Endemol Shine Italy Spa and Prime Time Entertainment Management which celebrates the as varied as it is hilarious world of imitations. In the show, which debuts Monday 18 September in prime time on Rai2, “the characters that are parodied are not the original ones, it is our interpretation that perhaps we see something funny in a character and sometimes we will be a little cynical, a little biting”, announces the actor.

The 5-episode program will host some characters from the world of entertainment who will play with the host, competing in individual, couple or group tests based on imitations of famous people, but also of objects, noises, sounds, dances and more. Accompanying Max Giusti will also be a slightly crazy version of Artificial Intelligence, an unpredictable generator of many situations. “It won’t be a classic variety show”, explains Giusti, who underlines: “It’s a light program but written, completely written. It needs four, five days to be created. A way of working that is now obsolete and therefore absolutely new, where you go out at one in the morning and arrive exhausted, tired but do what you like to do, your job”.

It’s about “playing, having fun with everything that is false. You will play with everything, sometimes you will struggle to recognize what is true. No one will ever be themselves”, promises Giusti. “We engage the guests a day before the episode. It would be necessary to have them before, because they enter a world completely different from theirs, but it is difficult for them to dedicate so much time to this”. “This program is part of Rai2’s renewal process, of which experimentation is part – says Marcello Ciannamea, Prime Time entertainment director – The new offering of Rai2’s autumn schedule is entertainment, lightness, everything you will find in ‘Fake Show’. It is “a truly beautiful, entertaining programme, exactly in line with what the mood of Rai2 will be. Format renewed in the titles, in the formula, all oriented towards fun and smiling all together with different formulas”.

The guests of the first episode will be Filippo Bisciglia, Rossella Brescia, Valeria Graci, Peppe Iodice, Luca and Andrea from Panpers. Among the other guests announced by Giusti Alessandro Borghese, Gabriele Corsi, Carolina Rey, Fabio Caressa, Morgan. Synergy was a fundamental part of the project. “We initially worked on the creation of a pilot in which we invested independently – says CEO Endemol Shine Italy Leonardo Pasquinelli – Miracles were made, both in terms of artistic forces but also from a technical point of view, because in mid-July this study did not seem at all could be ready in September. We can already guarantee that we will laugh.”

Guests of all episodes will be Francesca Manzini and Claudio Lauretta. “We will be Max’s joker, his lifeline – jokes Francesca Manzini, who in the first episode will step into the shoes of Mara Venier, while Claudio Lauretta will become Gerry Scotti and Antonino Cannavacciuolo – Everything that can be useful to him, and we will have fun a lot. I’m not scared of artificial intelligence, as with all new things we have to adapt but the new always needs the old”. The program is written by Max Giusti, Luciano Federico, Paolo Mariconda, Alessio Parenti, Luca Rea, Giuliano Rinaldi, Dario Tajetta, Marco Terenzi. Directed by Luigi Antonini.