Max Paiella: “From Ta Marra to Thor Ranucci, I bring my Pantheon to the theatre”

The comedian will present the best of his artistic production at the Sala Umberto in Rome from November 28th with Greg

Two shows, one of which with Greg, played on the edge of irony. Pure comedy, parodies and imitations. Max Paiella, the comedian and singer who, with his irreverent, funny and paradoxical characters, accompanies the listeners of ‘Il Ruggito del Coniglio’ broadcast on Radio2 also arrives in the theatre. The artist, who on the small screen has satirised the ‘Maurizio Costanzo Show’ and ‘Zelig’, also collaborating with Corrado Guzzanti, Serena Dandini and Zoro, presents two shows, ‘A wheel free’ and ‘Duo Italia’, that is, two comparing minds on stage from November 28th with Greg at the Sala Umberto in Rome, where he will present the best of his artistic production.

With “‘A wheel free’ – Paiella tells AdnKronos – I am traveling around Italy. On November 29th I will arrive in Milan, at the Martinitt cinema theatre, and then I have another series of dates in Bologna and near Rovigo In the show there is my Giletti who with his reportages does his best from all over the world tackling various natural disasters or crime phenomena”. The journalist, says Paiella, “always disappears, perhaps reappearing elsewhere. He will be ‘the man without fear'”. Still leveraging irony, Paiella will also bring to the stage another character who promises to draw out loud laughs: “I’m also presenting – he states – Ta Marra Venier to whom they have entrusted the Rai program ‘Piagnerai'”.

Is this perhaps a reference, not too veiled, to Mara Venier? “Absolutely not”, Paiella replies smiling and adds: “Imagine if I would ever do something like that. But when ever? I propose – he continues – another protagonist of the show, the legendary ‘Thor Ranucci’. Let’s do something different compared to ‘ Report’, or ‘Coniglio Report’. The legendary Thor Ranucci obviously has nothing to do with Sigfrido Ranucci, let’s be clear about this”, warns the artist ironically. From the pantheon of celebrities who animate ‘Il Ruggito del Coniglio’ every morning, Paiella will bring to the stage two other big names such as “Vinicius Du Marones and Parakulis. There will also be imitations of the chefs, including that of Cracco and that of Cannavacciuolo “.

A composite universe, varied and rich, that Paiella brings out of his ‘creative cylinder’ to which a further piece will be added. It is ‘Duo Italia’ or two minds compared, the show that will see him perform from November 28th at the Sala Umberto in Rome with Greg.

Some ditties will be presented, recited in all the languages ​​of the world, from Roman to Romanian, from Lapp to Japanese. In short, we will analyze the ditlist on a global level. Each ditlist will be interspersed with a sketch, which I will do with Greg, which concerns the themes of the “acrimony and resentment understood as an attitude that allows us to stay alive. In other words a form of sustenance. We will do one show a month. In March, however, again at the Sala Umberto we will present, together with Simone Colombari, the show ‘Jannacci and surrounding areas’. We will also make some episodes outside Rome”, anticipates Paiella.

At this point, the artist takes the opportunity to wish Greg a happy birthday as he turns 60 today. With her usual verve, turning to her friend, Paiella says: “Happy birthday, you don’t show these 60 years. So 60 best wishes for your years which seem like 45 at most 46”. Finally, as for the future, Paiella is involved in the creation of “workshops on creative writing”.