Max Pezzali: “A concert at the Circus Maximus is the dream of a career”

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From Circus Maximus to Circus Max the passage is slight, it is a play on words, of some omissions in exchange for an x ​​which is the passe partout for the story. Yesterday in Rome, in the charm of Capitol, Max Pezzali presented his concert on September 2nd in Rome, in that place called Circus Maximus and that the whole world envies us. Honored AlexanderCouncilor for Major Events, Tourism, Sport and Fashion of Rome Capital, introduced the evening by emphasizing that “I was 12 when it came out North South West East: anyone born between 1976 and 1989 knows that Max has an absolute record for how he linked us to those years. Of course his songs are also linked to moments of melancholy but above all his music is joy. I add that these events bring money which is then reinvested in the city”.


Sold out stadiums and arenas, Ma Pezzali is a dreamer who gives dreams. He has a transversal music, which brings together at least three generations and for each one to messages and poetry. September 2, the day when the Circus Maximus will become his home, is far away but not too far. And in this Roman chat, overlooking the Imperial Forums, he accompanies us towards that stage.
Max in your concerts there is that healthy nostalgia that doesn’t become pathetic. It is not easy to stay on the ridge and you are a skilled guide in this.

We had ingenuity and simplicity when we wrote and today I would like to represent an easy model in an era in which excellence in everything tends to; think of the 883 at the time: we were two ordinary provincial tamarri without champion characteristics, we were the average man who told things about him. Today I tell you that I have lived special moments with songs.
Is it true that you arrived here in Rome by motorbike?

Yes, because Rome for me is a motorcycle trip. There are destinations that you go by car and train but you conquer them kilometer after kilometer by motorbike. In this case there are mental phases: you arrive in Florence and you leave the Apennines behind you but the bypass is in Arezzo when you tell yourself that you are almost there but it is only a suggestion also because you arrive in northern Rome and in any case there are still 30 kilometers to go and you are far from there. On the other hand, I have many friends among motorcyclists.
What has this city special for you, beyond its history I mean.
Rome from the top of the Gianicolo tells you that you are not alone and that things always get better: it is fundamental in moments of melancholy, here you understand that you don’t have control over everything. In Milan they make you feel guilty about everything. Rome is a megalopolis but it is also a neighborhood, it retains a bit of the province.
On September 2, Rome celebrates you at the Circus Maximus.

It is one of the most important venues in the world and not just for live shows. It’s those moments that you could quit the next day, it’s those moments that alone pay off a career. I can share the evening with friends such as Article 31, Paola & Chiara, Colapesce and Dimartino, Dargen D’Amico, Sangiovanni and Lazza who used to come to my concerts at the Idroscalo. And more surprises will come.
The graphics of the evenings are gladiatorial!

They were taken care of by Sergio Pappalettera who has been working with me for 30 years. The mission is to transfer the colors from the album covers, even if they no longer exist, to the Circus Maximus. I expect more than two and a half hours of live but there is the Deejay Time – Special Set with Fargetta, Albertino, Molella and Prezioso and therefore we start already in the afternoon. The idea is to recreate a circus from the nineties, on the other hand it is easier to find nostalgia in a cassette tape than in a file, memory needs physicality and the nineties are the last moment of that era .

Can we expect some new songs? Or maybe an album?

The desire to write post covid has also returned, a time when I had fallen out of love. Now going around creates funny situations and the desire to write and experiment a bit has returned. I will do something but nothing will come out before the Circus Maximus, for now the recording business is not a priority.
There is talk of a project with Paola & Chiara.
Nothing is planned at the moment. The world feels no need for a new piece of mine; only if it becomes functional to what I do I proceed, but the need for new music must be motivated. I wonder do you need a new album? I grew up in an era where the album was central but today I wonder if there is a point in 2023 for an album of mine and if anyone would be interested in listening to me.
Would you compete in Sanremo in 2024?
No. Sanremo requires a mental attitude of 3 minutes and I have a long time. The Festival is a sprinter. Then it works if you have a functional project. I increasingly need new stimuli, memory needs time to process. The advantage of the album is that it introduces you to the artist in a broad sense.
Where does your serenity come from?

It can get to a point where you don’t have to join playlists, a reasoning that a major label can’t do. I like learning to write with others, it’s stimulating to get into the writing dynamics of the younger ones who dwell on a syllable even for a long time. I like to get stimuli from those who are younger.
Finally, how do you comment on this sold out rosary and the arrival at the Circus Maximus?

Without Clemente Zard it wouldn’t have happened, I didn’t have the perception of what we could have built.


Clement Zard with his Vivo Concerti he is one of the architects who elevated the artistic poetics of Max Pezzali. In addition to the managerial work, there is an emotional factor behind it: “I grew up with him and his music. His are concerts that he does well, the empathy he creates is incredible. He had been going to San Siro for some time and when we announced it, his audience saw it as a call to arms that created a positive avalanche ”. In the end, Max Brigante, the manager of the artist from Pavia. At the heart of his work are care and respect for time, there is no urgency to do things but everything is pondered and left to mature: “The concept of time is interesting, today everything is shorter and the attention shortens. Our work involves care, it takes “balance” to understand where we are and who we are. If in the future a disc will land in our orbit it is because we have fun and it is an urgency; but today I’ll give you another reasoning: when we see the success of the tour from the outside, we understand that it brings together several generations and music is not just for young people. We need to read the numbers that the industry brings every day to overcome the challenges that await us”.