Max Pezzali meets Max Pezzali with Sky Glass

A truly unexpected, almost magical encounter, the one at the center of new campaign Sky Glass, the latest generation TV with spectacular sound and audio that integrates Sky content, streaming apps and free-to-air channels into a single interface. Protagonist, or rather protagonists, they are Max Pezzali, symbolic artist of Italian popand his 1993 alter ego, recreated through the use ofartificial intelligence. The campaign stages a generational comparison – between jokes and references to 883 songs – in which today’s Max shows the incredulous Max of yesterday the extraordinary features and functionality of Sky Glass and its subscription.

This campaign is part of one wider collaboration between Sky and Max Pezzali: L’iconic artistwhich has accompanied several generations with its very popular hits, will be one of brand ambassador of the media company and will be involved in new initiatives in the coming months. And precisely to the story of how 883 conquered Italian pop is dedicated to Sky Original series “They Killed Spider-Man – The True Story of the 883”.

The creative project was born thanks tointelligence artificial generative which allowed the young Max Pezzali to be brought to life: through a process of machine learning on images and videos of the time, the AI ​​was in fact able to process his morphological characteristics and facial expressions so as to recreate – through the creative use of deepfake – the face of Max Pezzali of the 90s and make it possible to meet his current version.

«Thanks to Sky I had a unique experience – commented Max Pezzali: interacting with myself from 30 years ago! Max from 1993 and today’s Max compared thanks to artificial intelligence. I found myself talking to a very good actor, who meticulously studied my every movement and every facial expression in the films of the time; my face elaborated by artificial intelligence was then “sewn” onto him. Seeing firsthand the power that this technology has achieved in the professional field was both shocking and enlightening: an opening towards unlimited scenarios for creativity»

The campaign, created by the Sky Creative Agency, with the soundtrack of the famous 883 hit “North South West East” is divided into several subjects and starts today with a teasers 30” on air on Sky TV and digital channels, followed by two main subjects, on air next time November 17 across TV, digital, social, retail and Digital Out-Of-Home.

In the teaser, Max Pezzali returns home, turns on his Sky Glasssimply using his voice, and exclaims satisfied “I dreamed of a TV like this when I was young!”. This sentence activates a flashback that takes us back thirty years, while the young Max tries to play a video cassette with the tape all ruined. The frustration leads him to say to himself: “What I would give to see a TV of the future!”. Here comes the 1993 Max catapulted into the present and finds himself face to face with the Max of 2023, screaming in fear.

In the two main commercials – which recall some of the 883’s symbolic pieces – we will see the young Max get scared by the very high definition of the 4K images transmitted on the Sky Glass of his 2023 alter ego and marvel at the power of the sound coming from the integrated soundbar, which envelops the viewer from every direction. And again, we’ll see the ’90s Max get excited about the unique and elegant design of Sky Glass and its sparkling colorsand marvel at the ease with which today’s Max starts a movie thanks to the voice assistantall characteristics that make “It’s nicer to come home with Sky Glass”, as the campaign pay off states.


Agency: Sky Creative Italy

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Toscano

Director Operations: Annalisa Orsi

Creative Director: Mario Esposito / Domenico Montemurro

Head of Business: Manuela Bandiera

Account Director: Cristina Tortora

Art director: Andrea Muccioli / Gokcen Dadas

Copywriter: Sara Bottani / Francesco Arena

Production Manager: Federica Magnabosco

Executive Producer: Bianca Fantoni

Sound Designer: Franco Cufone

Motion Designer: Daniele Pugni

Director: Paolo Monico

Production company: Akita Film

Post-production: EDI Italian Digital Effects