Máximo Bolocco broke the silence for the criticisms made of Cecilia Bolocco

the tv presenter Cecilia Bolocco The 57-year-old is at the center of the controversy after in an Instagram transmission he had unfortunate comments towards overweight people who asked for larger sizes in his clothing line that he has in conjunction with the Fallabella brand.

It turns out that in his last live broadcast, Cecilia Bolocco She was showing her new designs in clothes and some Internet users asked that she have special sizes, to which the former Miss Universe replied: “This one goes up to extra large and they will see how big it is. So I don’t know poh, if more large than extra large, thinking that this is medium… If you think you need more size, I think what you need is to eat less, okay?

This was immediately repudiated on the net and the same Cecilia Bolocco He came out to apologize: “I think beauty comes from the soul and has nothing to do with your body. And if someone misunderstood and if someone was offended by what I said, I really apologize, and from the heart, because I didn’t It was my intention.”

Maximo and Cecilia Bolocco. Source: Terra archive

now his son Maximo BoloccoHe came out in defense of his mother Cecilia Bolocco and left a strong message in his Instagram stories: “I realized the ignorance, hatred and anger of some people. Speaking badly about someone is bad and even worse for the person who says it. Before commenting, contextualize, inform yourself, read and do not get carried away by popular opinion. Speaking without knowing shows the ignorance and disrespect of some “.

The statements of Máximo Bolocco. Source: instagram @maximobolocco

“I wish the best for those who hate, do not want to and speak without knowing. They need love. I take advantage of commenting that it makes me extremely sad that a stupid message that came from a joke went viral (the thousands who tell my mom)” finished Maximo Bolocco and added: “(On the other hand) the immense work he does with respect to our country does not go viral. Spread good, not evil. A big hug “