May starts with rain, Italy weather forecast

Bad weather until Wednesday, new deterioration over the weekend

The month of May begins under the sign of bad weather with Italy, forced to deal with widespread rain, thunderstorms and downpours. According to forecasts, an insidious cyclone is affecting Italy on May 1st and will do so again during the week that has just begun. Spring will therefore still show its most eclectic side, with new occasions for rains, thunderstorms and downpours.

Antonio Sanò, founder of the site communicates that all this is caused by the descent of a powerful depression from Northern Europe, driven by air masses of polar origin, which will cause the formation of a real Mediterranean vortex capable to unleash intense rainfall, even in the form of a storm over the whole of Italy.

Bad weather will persist in Italy at least until Wednesday 3 May, particularly affecting the North-East and Centre-South, especially the Adriatic area; according to the latest updates, there is the potential for high intensity phenomena with the risk of flash floods and flooding, not to be excluded given the type of configuration that will be outlined; the greatest danger with this type of disturbed entrances is that of a possible stationarity of the storm phenomena which could persist for many hours always on the same areas.

In the North, on the other hand, between Tuesday afternoon and Friday, we will have more sunny spaces thanks to a timid comeback of high pressure which will also favor an increase in temperatures.

The cyclone will leave Italy definitively only starting from Thursday 4 May, when there may still be rain in Calabria and Sicily; in its place the African anti-cyclone will break out, trying to make up for the lost space and thus guarantee a more stable and sunny period of time throughout the country which, however, will last very little: in fact, close to the weekend, the arrival of a new , moderate, perturbation, ready to once again condition the weather in many regions.


Monday 1st May. In the north: rains and snow on the Alpine peaks. In the middle: rains and thunderstorms. In the south: scattered rains.

Tuesday 2nd May. In the North: rains in the Northeast, sunny in the Northwest. In the middle: widespread instability across all regions. In the south: scattered rains and possible thunderstorms.

Wednesday 3 May. In the north: good prevailing weather. In the centre: rainfall on the Adriatic side and on Lazio; dry elsewhere. In the south: distinctly unstable weather.

TREND: brief respite from bad weather, then a new cyclone from Northern Europe arrives on Friday.