Mayor Santa Marinella: “Hot videos? Barbarian witch hunt”

Tidei’s post: “There is a risk of pillorying other completely unaware and completely unrelated subjects”

“A barbaric witch hunt”. This is the phrase that Pietro Tidei, mayor of Santa Marinella – in the province of Rome – uses in a long post on Facebook relating to the affair which revolves around the diffusion of some hot videos of him.

“You can ask Angeletti for IT consultancy. He was the one who took care of it. It seems to me that the councilor Roberto Angeletti is now accused by the prosecutor Savelli of aggravated threat towards the mayor, as well as corruption. The IT consultancy (53 thousand euros) ) alluded to this morning by the newspaper ‘La Verità’ not only does not exist, but it would not even have been technically possible in a failing municipality”, writes Tidei. “The fact is that today any source can invent anything against me – he adds – and claim to have found it in the material that the Prosecutor’s Office seized after accidentally giving it to Angeletti”.

“It involves 4000 hours of video and as many telephone interceptions, of which in theory the segregation and arrest of anyone who publishes it would be foreseen according to the Severino law. I understand that today the Truth refers to interceptions which are not in any my complaint (it concerned only one video), and which are only part of the corruption proceedings against Angeletti and Quartieri for which I was the target to be killed in order to protect the interests of the family. Thus – continues Tidei – a suspect obtained the sensitive data present in the archive ‘confidential’ to the Judiciary which does not concern facts useful for the investigations and has disseminated its contents and the material inadvertently provided by the Prosecutor’s Office to Angeletti, accused of corruption by the same Prosecutor’s Office, is a source of inspiration for any literary imagination, without the possibility of concrete denial as said material was never provided to the defence”.

“Obviously this will also have legal consequences. An enormous mistake was made in allowing the suspects to have at their disposal judicial documents which were extraneous and irrelevant for their defense but absolutely necessary, from their point of view, to denigrate not only a political opponent but the one who courageously denounced their misdeeds. Now – he concludes – in a small town like Santa Marinella this error has triggered a barbaric witch hunt and risks also pillorying other completely unaware and completely unrelated subjects” .