Mayors and 2 mandate limit, Tosi: “It must be removed, a choice that respects citizens”

The former mayor of Verona to Adnkronos: “It’s the most democratic method, the citizen keeps you if he wants, otherwise he sends you home”

”Within Forza Italia we still have to discuss the topic. Without prejudice to this, I am in favor of extending the limits of the mayors’ mandate, because in all the great Western countries – from France to Spain, from England to Germany – there is direct election of the mayor and there is no term limit. It is certainly the most democratic and preferable method: the citizen, if he wants, keeps you, otherwise he sends you home…’ ‘. Forza Italia deputy and former mayor of Verona, Flavio Tosi, says this to Adnkronos, speaking about the two-term limit for mayors.

First citizen of Verona for ten years, from 2007 to 2017, he was unable to stand again due to the ‘cap on re-nominations’, which the government led by Matteo Renzi had tried until the end to cancel.

Tosi is convinced that removing the limit of 2 mandates does not risk encouraging the so-called attachment to the ‘cadrega’: ”There is no danger of encrustations due to the fact that the mayor has been there for many years. Mayors are sent away even after their first term, there have been many such cases in recent years. I repeat – insists the blue Tosi – it is the best system, so much so that the law on the election of mayors has never changed, because it is efficient. If the mandate limit is removed, it is a choice that respects citizens and gives even more credibility to the law”.