Mazda accelerates on alternative fuels

Partnership with other Japanese brands continues: positive results from a model competing with a conventional diesel engine powered by 100% bio-based fuel

As part of an activity that develops on several fronts to achieve carbon neutrality, Mazda Motor Corporation is pursuing a collaboration with other Japanese brands, such as Subaru and Toyota, and with two-wheel manufacturers Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Yamaha, for the development of alternative fuels for internal combustion engines.

A test in this direction was represented by the participation in the last few days in an endurance race that took place on the Okayama International Circuit with a car equipped with a conventional diesel engine (Skyactiv-D 1.5) powered by 100% bio-based fuel. obtained from used cooking oil and microalgae fats. Starting next year, Mazda will participate in all events in this endurance racing series throughout the season.

While Mazda aims to offer customers various alternatives in terms of power supply, investing not only in conventional hybrids, models with diesel and EV engines, but also in plug-in hybrid models, on the other the Hiroshima house – member of the “Your Green Fuel” project – follows initiatives in the renewable fuel sector, such as next generation biodiesel. The latter, made with sustainable raw materials such as microalgae fats and used cooking oil, are not in contrast with the human food supply, an aspect that is problematic in today’s biodiesel. Since these fuels can be used without modification as alternatives to diesel even in existing vehicles and equipment, no additional distribution infrastructure is required. Therefore, biodiesel fuels can be expected to play a leading role as an excellent source of liquid fuel in promoting carbon neutrality.