Mazzeo, ‘the values ​​of the Resistance as timely as ever’

The president of the regional council of Tuscany: “Freedom, equality, defense of life, peace are the result of struggles and bloodshed that we can never forget and never stop cherishing”

“The choice to celebrate 25 April in the year in which the 75th anniversary of our republican Constitution occurs in such a rich and engaging way, especially for the younger generations, is a choice that I fully share and which does credit to an institution that its mission is to disseminate culture and promote the country’s cultural and civil progress”. Thus the president of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Antonio Mazzeo, at the review of the University of Pisa this morning, Saturday 22 April, entitled “April 25, our history is a date”.

“This date – stated President Mazzeo – tells us the profound meaning of what we call the most beautiful constitution in the world. Freedom, equality, the defense of life, the precious good of peace, are values ​​that are the result of those struggles and that blood which we can never cease to commit ourselves to safeguarding and promoting. There are still too many situations in which freedom, justice and peace are denied and trampled on. We can’t turn away to not see. We cannot resign ourselves to indifference. We have to choose the right side of history just like those who chose the Resistance did.”

“The wealth of the program for these days – continued Mazzeo – is certainly able for everyone to trace a path of motivation and knowledge that can support our commitment. First of all, of citizens aware of the value of our democracy. And then as Institutions of the Republic which from the date of April 25 take life and vigor”.

The President of the Regional Council then thanked the University of Pisa, the Magnificent Rector Riccardo Zucchi, and in particular the Center for Innovation and the Diffusion of Culture of the University directed by Professor Saulle Panizza, “for the wonderful program of these days”.