McDonald’s announces its entry into the Italian Supply Chain

McDonald’s joins the Italian Supply Chain today, the association founded with the aim of enhancing the Italian agri-food industry of excellence and bringing together for the first time the various protagonists of the Italian agricultural sector, from Coldiretti, to the players of the entire supply chain, producers, distributors and catering. A significant step for one of the most widespread restaurant chains in the country, which for years has been committed to investing in the territory.

A further important element is that consolidates and strengthens the strategic partnership between Coldiretti and McDonald’s, thanks to which the chain will participate in the next stages of the Coldiretti Village, the most authoritative agri-food fair in the Italian agricultural sector; the first appointment took place these days in Milan, from 30 September to 2 October at the Castello Sforzesco.

Participation in the event is the natural result of the path to Italianity undertaken by McDonald’s for several years now: today 85% of suppliers are Italian companies from which about 100 thousand tons of products are purchased every year for an investment of almost 240 million euros. .

We are really proud to become part of Filiera Italia, which, like us, has at heart the enhancement and protection of our agri-food chain by putting all its players into a system logic”He comments Dario BaroniCEO of McDonald’s Italia.

“This great achievement – he continues – has allowed us to strengthen our long-standing bond with Coldiretti and testifies to a commitment to continue investing in the agri-food sector of this country. Every year we buy about 100 thousand tons of products from all over the peninsula, for an investment of almost 240 million euros; a support that we are not lacking even today and that we actually want to see it grow. “

Today the agri-food chain has become a “long” chain, which also includes distribution channels in contact with consumersincluding catering which, due to its ability to listen to the consumer, plays a key role in transferring their needs to the rings upstream “, he adds Luigi ScordamagliaManaging Director of the Italian Supply Chain.

“We are delighted to welcome McDonald’s into Filiera Italia. The largest Italian restaurant which – underlines Scordamaglia – by orienting its menu towards 100% Made in Italy, has chosen to make the distinctiveness of Italian agri-food a development model, able to reach 1 million people every day and to tell them what’s behind a sandwich in terms of production model and sustainability, elements that distinguish our Made in Italy. “

In Italy for 35 years, McDonald’s now has 640 restaurants across the country for a total of 27,000 employees serving 1 million customers every day. 90% of Italian McDonald’s restaurants are managed according to the franchise formula thanks to 140 local entrepreneurs who testify to the roots of the brand in the territory.

Filiera Italia Foundation is a solid alliance in defense of 100% Italian food that unites agriculture represented by Coldiretti – the largest European agricultural organization – the Italian food industry of excellence, the main players in large-scale distribution and other strategic partners.