Mediaset becomes Mfe, assembly approves name change

Mediaset changes its name and becomes Mfe. The shareholders’ meeting of the media group approved the change of the company name to Mfe-Mediaforeurope. The shareholders also approved the introduction of a dual-tier shareholding structure with different voting rights. “We are very satisfied with this double step: the birth of Mfe-Mediaforeurope in the Netherlands and the introduction of the dual category share structure,” he said. Pier Silvio Berlusconi, CEO of Mfe. “These actions and the excellent economic results achieved allow us to look to the future also with a view to international development“.

The introduction of the new shareholding structure for the group is also a “fundamental step in pursuing the creation of a pan-European group in the entertainment and content sector as it will provide a greater flexibility for the financing of any future M&A transactions“.

The dual-category share structure introduced envisages that the share capital will be composed of ordinary shares A And ordinary shares B. Each existing share in circulation will be converted into a common B share. All shareholders existing at a given reference date will be entitled to one A share for each B share held. Each A share will have a nominal value of € 0.06 and each B share will have a nominal value of € 0.60, compared to the previous € 0.52. Consequently, each A share will be entitled to one vote and each B share will be entitled to ten votes.